Wednesday, September 8, 2010

365 Days of Blessings - Day 102

365 Days of Blessings, Day 102

1. The Lord is good, truly, amazingly good.

2. Amazed by the healing ability of my own body, I walked a 1/4 mile this morning just two days after straining my knee water skiing. Ice, stretching, (self)massage and a measured amount of rest are wonderful healers.

3. My mom is going to teach art to my kids this year for homeschooling!!! We talked over our ideas this morning, and she went off with plans forming. She might not be able to teach them all year, but she is going to start tomorrow . . . with either origami or drawing. She had a drawing book in her hands, and plans to look at another one, so I think we'll be starting with that, every Friday at 11a.m.

4. A phone conversation for an hour with a friend this morning! I needed that! Plus, talking on the phone for an hour is an amazing feat for me . . . I have a phone phobia, which is like saying I live in a cave in today's phone-frenzied times.

5. The heat is on . . . I must not be the only cold one in the house . . . because my husband turned it on. The cold rain is coming down, but it's ok when we can be warm and dry.

6. Prayers for people in need of shelter. I think God answers them . . . with us, through us, and sometimes in spite of us.

7. A new homeless shelter is being built in Tacoma for families with kids. I wish we didn't have a need for homeless shelters in our country, but I am glad we take care of those in need.

8. Food banks. For a very short time in my childhood my family received food from a food bank, and I am thankful that I can give to them now.

9. Watching fun, heart-warming movies like BOLT with my family. Who doesn't love a funny hamster, a cat with attitude, and a dog with superhero issues?

10. The first day of homeschooling is done.

11. Four wonderful, encouraging women made my night last night at the homeschool co-operative teacher's meeting.

12. Reading poetry.

Scripture Blessings:
"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."
James 4:8

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