Friday, October 31, 2014

Celebrations and Do You Have Goals?

Many thanks to Viklit and her team for hosting Celebrate the Small Things, and Many Thanks to Misha and Beth for hosting Do You Have Goals?

I'm going to combine posts, so hopefully it all makes sense, and is short enough to read. :)

1. Progress on Champion's Destiny sputtered and nearly died, and then I started up again - new plan, refreshed perspective.

2. I wrote a grouping of poetry/fiction/vignettes and submitted them at the beginning of the month, so my "short works" Write 1 Sub 1 goal is on track. Plus, a previous submission, "Cloud Download," was published at Espresso Stories.

3. I'm working on several "short" projects like: my micro-fiction series, Ashes Burn, a free, ongoing series; plus some re-pubs of individual short stories like "Seedling," "The Bridge Snap," and "The Horse in the Well" - which are all kindle select publications which I plan to use for my Friday Freebies. (Hint: wait for them to come up free on Fridays in the months to come.)

4. I had a sale on my books this month - trying to earn some coffee money, at least. Marketing seems to be a skill that has escaped me entirely, but I'm still persevering.

5. I'm signed up for NaNoWriMo. At first, I planned on focusing on Captain Wrath (finally), but now it looks like I'll be working on dueling plots: Champion's Destiny in the mornings, and Captain Wrath in the afternoons/evenings. I will get them finished, by hook or by crook. (does anyone else actually say that?)

6. The red carpet premiere of Ghost Noir - a little indie film that both my daughters acted in this last summer and fall. (2 pics at the end of post - added late)

What are you celebrating? And, do you have goals that you're working towards this year?

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Meet the Character

Last Friday, I was tagged in the Meet the Character Blog Hop by the sweet Cathrina Constantine, the ultra-talented author of multiple books including:
Cathy's Book Tallas - Dystopian, fantastical creatures, and characters with depth!
Cathy's BookWickedly They Come - Angels and Demons face off in this novel!
Click on the titles to get to the Amazon buy links. :)

Now, let's meet Clara

What is the name of your character? Is s/he fictional/historical?

 Clara is a teen sword master with a heavy destiny on her shoulders as the chosen Champion against evil in the world of Aramatir. She's definitely fictional.
When and where is the story set?
The world of Aramatir, which is a world similar to our medieval history but with sorcery and faith-based power that can enslave or free people, build up mighty fortresses or topple mountains. Clara is originally from the kingdom of Septily, but as Champion, she fights for all of Aramatir.
What should we know about your character?
Her internal struggles affect her ability to act as Champion. She is loyal, compassionate, and tough. Skilled as a sword master, knife thrower, and in hand-to-hand combat, she also likes music and spending time with her friends. (I want to say more, but since I'm in the midst of book 3, I might throw spoilers around if I get too far.)
What is your character's goal?
Throughout all three novels, her over-arcing goal is to protect the land and her people from the evil enslavement of the Dark Sisterhood.
What is screwing up  your character's life (main conflict in writerly speak?)
Kalidess, the Dark Sisterhood, Drinaii mercenaries and assassins, doubt, grief, and anger. (And the fact that what she doubts/feels will affect her ability to wield her sword - the focus of her powers as a Champion - a blessing and a problem at the same time)
What is the title?
Champion's Destiny is my current W.I.P. but Clara has struggled through Champion in the Darkness and Champion in Flight, books 1 and of The Champion Trilogy.

Champion in the Darkness, Champion in Flight, and all my books for kindle, for Nook, and at Smashwords are currently up for 99 cents through the end of October. This price is due, in part, to celebrate the new cover for Champion in the Darkness (the new paperback cover will be coming soon).

Champion's Destiny will follow a similar motif.
Now, I tried to find two authors who were excited about this blog hop . . . and I found one author who was interested! So, presenting Jay Noel!!!
Jay Noel, writer on fire and awesome author of Dragonfly Warrior and Shadow Warrior.

And if you're interested in joining the fun, please considered yourself tagged!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Teaser Tuesday

Just wanted to share a few short teasers from books I've recently read, or that I am reading . . .


"Justus felt his mouth tighten as the impossible situation began to gather around him like the tangle of a rough net, ending every opportunity for escape." - Wilder Mage by CD Coffelt

"Magical. Hmm. Mack certainly was special . . . but magical? She glanced at the cup of coffee someone had served the priest just moments before. Oh, phooey. Maybe she'd set it there out of habit in anticipation of his arrival."  - Ma Tutt's Donut Hut (A Mack the Magical Cat Mystery) by Lyn Perry.

"There's nothing more common in the spiritual life than starting out right and then going wrong . . .
And then we're stopped by something beautiful - child, friend, stranger; cloud, song, fragrance . . .
 Wrapped up in ourselves, we had forgotten entirely about God; we now see ourselves as wrapped up in the bundle of God, with Nabal reduced to nothing more than a footnote to the text of our life." - Leap Over a Wall by Eugene H. Peterson (context 1 Samuel 25)

What have you been reading lately?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Moment

Monday Moment: A moment, a tiny bite of life, writing, etc.

Writing Prompts (jolt-size):

In the rain . . .


Standing in the rain . . .

Fave pics from the weekend (between rain showers) at the Kenmore Canoe and Kayak Race:

End of the 5k race - my oldest daughter and a friend in a C2 (Canoe with 2 people)
(They took 1st place Juvie C2 - no contenders in their age and boat class)

After the 10k race - my youngest in a k1, and my hubs on the dock.
(K1 means Kayak with 1 person)
(She took 3rd place bantam K1 - that's an age and boat designation)
Both my girls dream of 2020 . . .
(It's kind of a big dream . . . but not impossible.)
What's your big dream?


Friday, October 24, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things and Prep for NaNo, part 3

Celebrate the Small Things:
(Brought to us by Viklit and her team of Celebrators)

1. My husband's hospital stay was less than 36 hours - yay! He's a healthy guy, but we had a scare that is requiring some further tests. With some minor medical care and his usual eat-healthy-bike-to-work lifestyle, he should be ok.

2. Lots of prayers, thoughts, hugs, and offers of help by family and friends. Thank you. When my prayers were in the speechless-shock-groan-of-the-heart category, I had some serious
prayer warriors intervening. Again, thank you.

3. Ashes Burnis on its 9th episode today. The three characters: Wend, Teresa, and King Bryant have intertwined stories. Wend's story updates on Mondays, Teresa's story updates on Wednesdays, and King Bryant's updates on Fridays.

4. And, these eyes . . .
Clyde, our "foundling-rescue" dog. And yes, he's full-grown - part pug, part beagle, part ?

Prep for NaNoWriMo, Part 3: Super Simple Outlines

 Loglines are a single sentence summary of the plot. Although a challenge to write, they guide me through the twisting "squirrel" chasing moments of mad writing for NaNoWriMo.

I would write more about loglines, but I found this amazing, incredible post on loglines by C. Lee Mckenzie.

After I write a logline for the whole book, I try to write one for each character.

 Logline for the novel:
Logline for the MC:
Logline for the antagonist:
Logline for the love interest/best friend/mentor:
When I get through my loglines, I expand to this style of outline:

Super Simple Outline:
1. Set up/Inciting Incident: What starts the story?

2. Three challenges/obstacles that the MC will face:

3. Mirror Moment: at what point will the MC see the difference between who she/he wants to be and who she/he is, and decide to change/make a difference?

4. Climax:

5. Resolution:

Slightly more extended outlines, like the Save the Cat 18 point outline, are where I head next . . .

Do you use simple loglines or outlines, or do you need the twenty page type outlines to write? Are you a plotter/pantser/hybrid?

What are you celebrating this week?

And don't forget your Friday Freebie: Dragonfold and Other Adventures for kindle readers. This is a book of fantastical stories and poems. Enjoy!

Also, the first two books in The Champion Trilogy, Champion in the Darkness and Champion in Flight, are currently 99 cents for ebook. This sale lasts until the end of October.