Wednesday, February 3, 2016

IWSG February: For the Love of the Journey and Music

Many thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh and all of the amazing people who make the IWSG blog hop, website, and facebook page awesome!

I've been thinking about journeys these last few weeks. 
My road has been a bit rocky lately, but I'm still walking it. 
I think that's what we're called to do:
to keep walking,
to keep writing,
to keep believing,
to keep hoping,
to keep faith,
and to keep living with joy. 

I love to sing with my journeying. It's why I can go for the ride with any musical movie - I have burst out into song now and then, when I'm joyful or sorrowful. I get caught up in the words or the sound and the world fades away. 

Music is like its own place, like a hidden refuge right inside the real world.

And yet, I don't usually write to music. 
Because when I'm in the music, that's all I want to do, is reside in it.

If I write or clean my house to music, I'll find myself just singing, caught up in the words.
And, if I'm energetic, I'll actually dance - not exactly something that's conducive to writing.

However, if I let the music reside inside me, I can write with a new understanding that comes from that place of refuge inside the journey.

Currently, I'm writing some new material. I'm not ready to share the "what" yet with anyone, but I'm thankful for newness of it, for the journey of it, and for the small places of refuge in the story. 
A few songs that have inspired me are: 

What's inspiring your journey this month?

BTW - Champion's Destiny is out in ebook and only 99cents until Feb. 12th!
Champion in the Darkness is #FREE all the time to start the trilogy.
"The Horse in the Well" is Free today.
Dragonfold and Other Adventures is also Free today. 

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David Powers King's new book The Undead Road is out!

Yolanda's newest book will be out March 10th!

M Pax's latest Backworlds book may be coming out in May!

And, I know there are more - if you have a new book out or coming out, please let me know at and I'll put up a mini-release blurb for you!

Friday, January 29, 2016

January 2016 Do You Have Goals? Update and Story Submission Link

Many thanks to Misha and Beth who keep this hop rocking! :)

My goals this year are a little "wide" in generality, with some specifics I'll give each month.

1. Write Strong
Champion's Destiny is out for kindle, smashwords, kobo, and nook. The paperback is still in progress. 

A friend asked me to write a study guide for her high school class because they are reading Champion in the Darkness! (wow!) So, I wrote a 3,000 word study guide. 

I wrote 21,000 words of "other" stuff (top secret for now).

I wrote a short story for a contest and sent it out, then belatedly discovered that Write 1 Sub 1 closed it's doors. I'm sad that has happened, but yet thankful that I was able to take part for a short time.

And, I'm excited for The Turning Points Anthology that's coming later this year! 

2. Market with Strength (use what works for me)
I tried thunderclap. It went. I had one sale that day. It wasn't what I wanted from that.
I used buffer, twitter, and facebook groups. 
Overall, I had more sales this month than last year in January.

3. Publish with Strength (use the method that works for the project)
I self(indie)-published Champion's Destiny.

4. Live Strong!
I've been keeping track of my goals and my "accomplishments." Accomplishments are anything that I get done in a day that I consider "good." 
This month, I biked 31 miles, and walked 17 miles. Plus, I did some other random "good" things.

5. Worship with Strength. 
Prayer life and Bible study are still having ups and downs - wow - over an hour of prayer and Bible study in one day, and then five minutes the next. I've been repeating that pattern throughout each week. Hmm. 

6. Gratitude and Grace = Strength.
I'm working on this. I had a seriously bad attitude for a few days this month. I did some growling around the house when no one else was home, and had a few cranky prayers. I wondered if I could skip this attitude goal next month? 

7. Rest, as needed
I did this. I actually did it. I took a much-needed nap one afternoon. My family and I had some"just us" moments, and we went to see Stomp, which was a huge treat for my oldest daughter's 17th birthday and for our whole family.

I also did a bit of reading - some of which poured over from Christmas break into the New Year. One of my favorites so far this year was: The Eighth Day by Diane K. Salerni. Fun, exciting, and action-packed fantasy!

Favorite movie of the month on DVD/Netflix was: The Martian. My whole family loved this one and my hubs and I appreciated how closely it stuck to the book, but we also liked the "added" bit at the end.

Current series my family is watching on netflix: Malcom in the Middle.
 It's humor-filled, slightly off-kilter, and fast-paced.

We love it, and it's decidedly a bit different than what we were watching before that . . . Gotham, Blacklist, White Collar, and Once Upon a Time, although it does remind me a bit of Chuck and Psych.
We also enjoyed but didn't love the newest Sherlock Holmes "special" from BBC. (My kids are teens so we are into slightly older fare these days.)

Story Submission Link:

Brilliant Flash Fiction has a contest going for prize money! The subject is "the future" and the judge is Opal Palmer Adisa. For more specific information, go here: Springtime Fiction Writing Contest.

What are your goals this year and are you keeping track of them daily or monthly?

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Turning Point Anthology, Life Moments, and a Memorial

Randi Lee is putting together a beautiful anthology coming soon!
I'm excited and humbled to be a part of this project with so many amazing authors.

Champion's Destiny is out via kindle.
More formats are forthcoming . . . still.

I decided to finally put together my first newsletter. 
It's very short, will only come out monthly (at the most), and you can read it here.

Life Moments this Month so far. These little mini-vignettes were posted on facebook earlier, but I think they still hold the prevailing thoughts for this month for me and I'm not sure I really could say them any better now.

In the middle of a storm, everything else fades away. The only thing we can see, feel, and touch is the anchor holding us fast. For me, that's my faith in God, the knowledge that He loves each of us, and He welcomes us with open arms when we need His hope and strength.

In Loving Memory of Gary Glover:
We will miss Gary's humor, his laughter, the glint in his eye when he won Monopoly or any other strategic game or battle of wits, his love for his family, his deep abiding faith in every circumstance, and the way he found a way to live life fully, every moment. This picture is from Whistler a handful of years ago - when Gary skied with us via ski tour chair. Now, we know that if there's skiing in heaven, he'll be going "faster!"

We missed his memorial because we were stuck on the wrong side of the mountains when the pass closed, which was really hard.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

IWSG January 2016

The Winners of the IWSG Anthology Contest will be announced today! Be sure to find out who won!
Many Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for starting and hosting this hop
and many thanks to these co-hosts:

Insecurity/plea for help:
 Champion's Destiny is partly out "there" but hasn't gone wide release yet for e-book. So, if you would like to help me celebrate, please consider either joining my thunderclap campaign or doing a mini-blast (self-run).

A mini-blast looks like this:

The Battle May be Lost because of a Family Secret - Champion's Destiny by Tyrean Martinson is   until Feb. 12th. 

It's tweetable like this:

The Battle May be Lost because of a Family Secret - Champion's Destiny is   until Feb. 12th. 

Blast Away!

In blog plans for the year, I hope to slow my posts to twice a month. However, I would like to host 12 guests - one per month. If you would like to guest post, please contact me at my e-mail address.

"Life is tough for a lot of people. If you can do something that brings someone else just a little bit of relief or pleasure - like telling them a really great story, maybe - that's not a bad thing, right? So, over the years, I've learned to be happy with the work I do, rather than apologetic for it." 
-Stan Lee, interview in The Costco Connection.

I think of Stan Lee as this legendary guy at Marvel comics, and I guess I always thought he must have started out with a vision and confidence, but it seems that he didn't start out like that. He fell into his role as a comic book writer, and thought of quitting it to write "the Great American novel." 

Aren't we all glad that he decided to continue writing "these little stories with drawings in them?" (Stan Lee, describing his own work in the same interview)

I know I am.

Although I don't know if my writing will ever be read by such a widespread audience as Marvel fans, I hope that my own little stories, will give someone a little bit of relief in the middle of a tough life.

Why do you write? And do you ever feel apologetic for it?

Please help with thunderclap! 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Do You Have Goals? Hop Final 2015 and Look Ahead to 2016

Many thanks to Misha Gericke and Beth Fred for hosting this blog hop all year long. I highly recommend it! 

End of the year wrap up (new goals at the end):

1. Publishing and Write 1 Sub 1 Goals:
My goals this year were at the top of the insanity list. I had hoped to publish several projects, and I did publish many of them. Some were short story e-books, and some were longer. 

For December, I had hoped to have a beautiful blog tour for my newest book Champion's Destiny.
I got sick. Life happened. I changed the pre-order date, and then tried to change it again . . . hahaha. The pre-order system has had the last laugh.

Please note: If you pre-ordered Champion's Destiny, I am so thankful for your faith in me!
However, you will receive an updated version within the next two days - please consider letting your kindle or your kindle app re-load the book. I would greatly appreciate your grace in this matter. If you haven't ordered it yet, please wait a few more days. Official announcements will be on my IWSG post.

Write 1 Sub 1 has been going awesome, except I keep forgetting to update my stuff at the Write 1 Sub 1 site. I had eight more stories published this month, and I'm at 41 newly published stories for 2015! 

2. Marketing:
Twitter, facebook promo-groups and my first book is still free for e-book. 

3. Exercise Goals:
Hmm. I was sick. I had vertigo for 8 days. I had a sick kid. Then, I had dental work done followed by muscle spasms in my jaw for a week, and then I had another sick kid, and some more vertigo. 

Somehow, with a lot of rest, we enjoyed a few days of Christmas. Plus, I walked about 13 miles this month, and did some much-needed stretching.

4. Invitational Goal:
Despite all the sickness, I helped a little with a retirement party for Coach Alan of the Gig Harbor Canoe and Kayak Team.

5. Spiritual Goal:
I did a lot of praying around visits to the doctor and sleep. 

Now, a word from Coach Alan:

"FINISH!" (wait beat and gather more air to bellow at an even louder volume) 

Despite all the issues with health and with Champion's Destiny, that's what I'm going to do, both this year and next!

Semi-sane "Big, Dream Goals" for 2016 in "Mini-Top Secret" Form:

1A (short term). Finish the paperback version of Champion's Destiny and prep it for widespread e-book release. Just finish this one strong, even if it feels like I'm limping across the finish line with it.

1B (long term). Write Strong!
  •  25,000+ words a month. (this is the slightly insane goal of the year, we'll see if it needs tweaking.)

2. Market with Strength.
  • Use what works for me.

3. Publish with Strength.
  •  indie-publish some, and query some.

4. Live Strong!
  •  Make goals, keep a health journal/diary, and stick to it.
  • Remember that all recent test results have come back "ridiculously good" (doctor's statement)

5. Worship with Strength. 
  • prayer, Bible study, and singing. 
6. Gratitude and Grace = Strength.

7. Rest, as needed.

I'm looking beyond the finish line so I can finish, and finish strong. :)

And, if you can't tell, I'm ready for 2015 to close so I can open the next chapter of life, planning to live 2016 fully each day.