Sunday, January 20, 2019

5 Things to the Day After a Twitter Pitch Party (and Mid-month Links)

5 Things to Do The Day After A Twitter Pitch Party

(Yes, this is a few days late ...)

1. Re-check the feed and see if there are any previously missed hearts from agents or publishers.

2. Review submission guidelines for agents and publishers no less than a dozen times throughout the day. (Actually, I don't know that anyone needs to review those guidelines a dozen times, that's just what I did.)

3. Thank retweeters. (I didn't do this the day after, but I did today.) 
-If this is you and I missed you on Twitter, THANK YOU!!!

4. Thank all all those who helped me hone my pitch.
- If this is you, THANK YOU!!! 

5. Get extra feedback on synopsis and more from beta readers.

Mid-Month Links

The IWSG made The Write Life List for the top 100 Writing Websites!

The Positive Writer is taking nominations and the IWSG hopes everyone will nominate them. Since I'm an Admin and a fan of the IWSG, I recommend nominating the IWSG.

My bit of news:
I am taking part in a "Write-In" group each week and I love it. We just sit and write for three hours.
And, I might be starting a critique group. 
Plus, I'm really read to sub my WIP ... or at least I'm 97% sure. So, that's happening because I think that's about as sure as I'm going to get.