I was a contributing editor for this project.

Walking with Jesus: Stories of One Hope Church is an anthology of stories, poetry, and scripture. Ordinary lives in relationship with an extraordinary God create compelling faith narratives of every day believers. 

When the call for this anthology went forth to One Hope Church, it was a call to everyday believers to bring in stories of moments with Jesus, those times when the presence of God touched their walking-around lives. Combined with scripture, these stories are inspiring, faith-building, and thought-provoking.
What do miracles look like in an everyday Christian's life? 
What does faith entail?
Who produces change in us?
Who provides for us?
Who calls us to be more than we think we can be?
Who works in us, even when we least expect it? 
Who comforts us? Who gives us peace? Jesus.

Read to discover how ordinary lives become extraordinary in the light of God’s love.

Real people. Real dilemmas. Real Jesus.

Fourteen authors stepped forward with stories in which God intervened, gave direction, and saved them from their troubles. Sharing stories of faith takes courage and compassion. As the editor of this book, Tyrean Martinson felt honored by the trust of each author in curating their work. Authors included in this anthology: Susan Buethe, Lauren Colman, Margaret Colman, James Estin, Kathleen Gillespie, Barbara G. Harris, Cindy Jones, Pat Lelvis, Ann Martin, Tyrean Martinson, Melissa Posod, Grace Rolle, Arlie Rue, John Schuler, and an author who prefers to remain anonymous.


Summer Vacation Devotions: 15 Devotions for Families

Fifteen devotions for families having fun on summer vacation. Included topics are: packing, driving, car games, maps, rest stops, sand, water, buckets of treasure, sunscreen, sunglasses, tent camping, campfires, flashlight tag, s'mores, and the summer night sky. Scriptures, devotional reflections, and prayers intertwine with these fun topics for sweet devotional time. 
Taste the sweetness of God's Word that's even sweeter than s'mores cooked over a campfire.


"Excellent way to stay spiritually connected while on vacation. The devotions are quick reads, but they stay with you all day." - Elizabeth Seckman, Author

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