Thursday, September 24, 2009

Submissions log

Various thoughts on keeping a submission log:

Keeping track of my submssions this year with a submissions log has not only kept me organized but also kept me writing.

Twenty-one submissions for this year seems an amazing feat at the moment, especially since I didn't start being brave enough to submit my work for publication until April.

Last year, I only made three submissions to different publications.

Before 2008, I hadn't submitted anything for publication since 2001.

A seven year submission-less dry spell doesn't help anyone become a published author.

The more I've submitted, the more I've been published.

And the more I've submitted, the more rejection letters I've racked up as well.

But I keep all those letters, acceptance for publication, and the rejections.

And I have that log with 21 entries for the year. 21 submissions equals more confidence and courage with my writing than I've ever had before.

The year isn't over yet. I wonder how many submissions I'll have made by New Year's Eve.