Wednesday, February 2, 2022

IWSG February 2022: Inspirations!


Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

Many thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for starting this blog hop! 

Many thanks to this month's co-hosts! Joylene Nowell Butler, Jacqui Murray, Sandra Cox, and Lee Lowery!

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OPTIONAL QUESTION: Is there someone who supported or influenced you that perhaps isn't around anymore? Anyone you miss?

I am thankful to have had many storytelling influences in my life. There are too many to list properly, but I will give some mentions here:

1. Grandma Pearl - I retold one of her stories in the short eBook: Horse in the Well. I miss her, but I hope to have some long storytelling sessions with her in heaven. 

2. My parents - they both love books, reading, dance, theater, music, art, movies, science fiction, and storytelling in all forms. 

3. My favorite children's librarian for the City of Enumclaw Library, which became a branch of the King County Library System. I did get a chance to thank her in 2014 when I visited the library months before her retirement. In the 70s, she turned a damp basement in an old building into a wonderful paradise of books for children, including story times. Later, when the library moved, she finally had a bright, airy space in a big building.

4. So many teachers it would take a while to name them all - they influenced my reading or my writing through their reading, storytelling, and feedback. I have a list of a bunch of them in Nexus: The Rayatana Series, Book 2

Maybe someday, I will give them each a fictional counterpart in one of my stories. 

Life Update: Things are looking up in a myriad of ways this month. I am thankful to be past the beginning of 2022 and have hope for a better rest of the year.  

I am on a quest for wellness, courage, and creativity this year, so my long look at my commitments continues as I make sure I keep a good work-life-volunteer balance.

The post is short this month because last month's post was longggggg, and I've decided to pour more into my newsletter these days. If you would like to see a sample and sign up, it's HERE. The next newsletter will be a wee bit shorter. 

Dark Blade, my Kindle Vella Novella is still building, so you can read it HERE.

The Rayatana Book 3 is getting the print, read out loud, and highlighter treatment this month. After that, it's one more round of solo revisions, and then the next step will be to ask my editor when she's available and get it into her. 

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