Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Book Cover Reveal for Dark Blade: Forged!

 I'm excited to share my book cover for Dark Blade: Forged, Fantasy Adventure for New Adults+ forthcoming September 2024!

Many thanks to @miblart for the awesome cover!

An ancient blade buried deep within an abandoned tower of the Watch Guard calls for justice and someone to wield its power.

Dan Torren, Junior Lord of Septily, wants to break free from his father's political machinations and fight with honor for the Watch Guard, a multi-kingdom organization that Keeps Watch over all of the known world of Aramatir.

Unfortunately, Dan is saddled with training partners who hinder him: his country's prince in exile and another young man who would rather be a Shepherd. With recruits from many kingdoms, including beautiful swords women, pirates, and a griffin, the training is intense.

With human trafficking on the rise, the world of Aramatir cries out for justice. King Xandros, Sword Master Theran, and Shepherd Jordan hatch a plan to catch the culprits, but even they are not prepared for the treachery they will find.

Dan may want to become a simple swordsman, fighting among allies to protect his world, but supernatural events work to forge a path he can't resist as he battles his own inner darkness.

Pre-order Dark Blade: Forged for Kindle at Amazon or read the early book as a Kindle Vella serialization. Please note: the book will contain bonus content not in the serial format.

If you would like to help spread the word about Dark Blade: Forged, please feel free to use the picture above, the synopsis, and the pre-order link! Please tag me in any posts on IG, Facebook, or X. :) 

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

IWSG October 4, 2023: Stardust, not Code Will Win Out


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October 4 question: The topic of AI writing has been heavily debated across the world. According to various sources, generative AI will assist writers, not replace them. What are your thoughts?

Will AI take over creative writing?

Why not? 
Honestly (looks both ways here), I decided to try ChatGPT just to see what it would spit out when I entered in various prompts. I've tried short stories, I've tried a blurb for one of my books, and I've asked it questions about philosophy, just to see what it would say. 

One thing I have noticed is that it tends to repeat specific phrases and words, possibly even worse than I do. It writes purple prose with a specific rhythm to the words. While I would say that it's possible for it to learn several styles of writing, it is only putting out one style of writing right now, no matter what you put into it. It also doesn't understand emotional emphasis. 

I do not think it will overcome human creativity. Even if it starts to go that direction, I believe we will see more restrictions put into place in all areas of the arts. I think it will end up being used as a tool and not as a replacement for good storytelling. 

That's my gut feeling, but it's also based on what I've seen. I have read completely AI driven stories by other authors on purpose, just to see what I thought and there is a noticeable difference between AI writing and human writing. 

Again, I will admit I tinkered with it, but for anything it produced, I spent hours revising so it sounded more like me, and less bot-boring.

I hope we can all start to see that difference. If there's no market for it, it will dry up. 
If restrictions are put into place, it will dry up more. 

So, this is what I'm telling myself and all my writing friends: 
Go, write, be creative, be funky, be weird, and explore your humanity. Your writing will shine because of it. We are God-breathed stardust, not merely code. 


I was invited to take part in the Creative Colloquy Crawl as one of the family-friendly authors for their MG and YA night, last night. Not many attended the reading, but those of us who did had a good time last night.

I am taking part in two different Bookfunnel promos for October:

 The SciFi and Fantasy MegaSale 

Spellbinding Stories - the Vella October Reads

Happy IWSG!