Dark Blade: Forged of Aramatir

Dan Torren enters the Watch Guard for training, hoping to break away from his father's expectations. Instead of freedom from politics, he gets saddled with Prince Alex who blames Dan for his "punishment." With recruits from all over Aramatir, the Watch Guard has its own troubles, especially after Dan is claimed by the Dark Blade, an artifact and sword of power unlike any other in the history of Aramatir. 

Readers may recognize Dan as Dantor from The Champion Trilogy, but while The Champion Trilogy is YA, this trilogy features characters who are mostly adults. The action sequences will reflect the age of the characters, and may be more suited for an adult audience, especially as the series progresses. The series is also Christian, but more mildly Christian than The Champion Trilogy because the main character Dan has a quieter sort of faith. 

Dark Blade: Forged is an Action-Adventure Fantasy forthcoming from Kindle Vella in episodic installments. The first three episodes are free. 
The episodes beyond episode are for sale via a token program which represents word counts from each episode.


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