Thursday, July 22, 2010

365 Days of Blessings - Day 54

365 Days of Blessings, Day 54
1. John 3:16

2. Phredd's song "Awhooga", his enthusiasm and ability to get sleepy kids and parents up on their feet in the kids tent at 9a.m. after late night concerts, and rock his electric ukelele.

3. Mark Thompson and his Trunk Bunch. He is an awesome puppeteer, great humorist for kids and families, and is able to share God's word with joy. He's been a puppeteer for Jesus since he was 4 . . . amazing stuff. Plus, he must have had awesome parents.

4. Steven Courtney's music, humor, and fun "self-control" game, kind of like simon says, but with way more laughter. (We were disappointed that Bigsby didn't return, but Steven Courtney is talented too).

5. Rubyz, a fun "tween/teen" band that celebrates faith, purity, and fun.

6. Three kids, laughing together, playing together, and singing together.

7. My husband, the "B roll" master videographer. He is loving his press pass, gets to be there for all the signings and see bands up close.

8. Hillsong Live at Creation Fest! They had every single person on their feet, singing praises.

9. Newsboys singing old hits and new hits, from "Breakfast" to "Beautiful" to "Born Again."

10. Newsboys on the main stage and their "B" stage which was out in the center of the audience. They know how to put on a concert, host a dance party, and give testimony . . . all in the course of an hour.

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