Monday, July 12, 2010

365 Days of Blessings - Day 43

365 Days of Blessings, Day 43

1. In Christ, we are adopted into God's family, sons and daughters in a lineage that goes back to Abraham, and back beyond that to Adam and Eve.

2. Big family hugs that keep us warm at cold, summer night softball games. (Actually only 63 degrees with a chilly wind, but we just got back from temperatures ranging from 85-106)

3. Being surrounded by God's creation. I realized in the concrete jungle of Washington, D.C. that nothing compares to the glory of God's natural creation. I love the sound of birds, wind in trees, and the smell of fresh air.

4. My parents' trip to Jerusalem. I wish in many ways that I could go with them, but I am sure they will come home with wonderful stories and pictures to share. My mom, after 23 years of debate, has finally decided to spend her inheritance from her mother, by taking a trip to the Holy Land with my Dad.

5. My dad's extreme organization when it comes to packing and planning for a "big" vacation. I think they packed their bags at least three times to make sure they were "ready."

6. My parents' creativity revealed when naming me as a child. They didn't know anything about the background of my name, but they liked the sound of "Tyre" from the movie, "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" and decided to make it more feminine by adding a "n" sound to the end. Then they had a short debate on spelling, and my mom decided she didn't want two "e"'s in my name. Now, I know that the city of Tyre is mentioned in the Bible several times. Tyrean is a name used in Ireland for females. Here in America, Tyrean is used for both females and males but usually those with African heritage. Friends of my parents looked it up once, and discovered that the name "Tyre" usually means "galley slave." Hmm, I do spend time in the kitchen, but I am glad that slavery is illegal in our country.

7. The Lament for Tyre in Ezekial 27. Even though I know God wasn't talking about me directly in that passage, I take it as a good warning against my pride.

8. A full day of writing ahead . . . wow!

9. Winning a softball game. It feels so good to win, especially after many defeats. I'm so proud of my team for weathering the bad times with cheer, and for the enthusiasm we have for every good thing. "Great catch!" "Way to hustle to first base!" "Good play!" "Great pitch!" "Woohoo, awesome hit!" are all heard from our team. The umpire said he had never heard any other team cheer so much just for players making it to first base.

10. Knowing that God has a purpose in all things, and we have the freedom to choose to praise him in all circumstances. We are so richly blessed in the Lord.

"Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion!
Shout, Daughter of Jerusalem!
See, your king comes to you,
righteous and having salvation,
gentle and riding on a donkey,
on a colt, the foal of donkey."
Zechariah 9:9



Angie said...

I love the story of your name. I love nature too. And I like to think that that big family we've been adopted into is pulling for us!

Tyrean Martinson said...

THanks Angie! I hope we both get a chance to enjoy nature today, and our big adopted family of God!