Saturday, April 7, 2012

A to Z Challenge: Goals

A to Z Challenge 

Theme: Creativity Toolbox

G = Goals

Goals are essential to any creative endeavor. Goals can help us complete our creative endeavors, or help us see them more clearly.

Even if the goal is simply to enjoy, it is a good goal.

I've found that a combination of goals works best for me: goals for completing specific projects, with mini-step goals, and goals that are just for pure enjoyment days.

Do you use goals for your writing or your creative endeavors?

Creativity/Writing Exercise: Make a goal, or a series of step-goals.

Sorry about the short post today. I'm posting by the seat of my pants as my family packs up around me. We are headed home after an amazing ski/snowboard vacation in Whistler, B.C. - one of our favorite places away from home. Today, with sore muscles and rested minds, we are ready to drive back to "real" life and tackle our daily goals with new vigor.

And many thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for the sweet shout out today at his blog!!! Alex is a huge blessing in the blog world, so check out his blog if you haven't already at Alex J. Cavanaugh

Have a Happy, Blessed Easter!!!