Monday, April 2, 2012

Theme: Creativity Toolbox
B = Be Bold
Boldness isn’t something comes naturally to me. Yet, I think some of our most creative endeavors come from experiences we’ve had, and we can’t have experiences without being a little bold.

My worst fear is open water. It’s very specific. I can wade, sail, boogie board, swim by the shore, and I’m ok.
However, getting off a boat that’s offshore and getting into open water is scary stuff for me. My imagination goes nuts, and I don’t want to feel, see, or think about what might be in the water with me. When I was younger and first learning to waterski, I tried to claw my way out of the water, hyperventilating in panic. It happened more than once, and even happened once after I had been waterskiing for a few years . . . I thought I saw something in the water, and basically made myself crash in panic.
However, last year in April my family and I snorkeled in Hawaii with manta rays, sharks, and green sea turtles. Those experiences were awesome, amazing, and for me – downright bold. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sensation of jumping into the water, snorkel gear on, and just letting my fear go and my curiosity take over. Those memories stir my imagination.
What do you think? Does it take boldness to be creative? Do you have any brave or bold moments that have sparked creative endeavors?

Here’s a short video clip of the manta ray snorkel (same as I've shown before):

Go out and try something new, and write about it. Or, think of a bold experience you've had and write about it.