Thursday, April 19, 2012

A to Z Challenge: Questions

A to Z Challenge

Theme: Creativity Toolbox

Q = Questions

Questions start us on the quest of creativity.

What if . . . is often a starting point for a story or a creative endeavor.

What if a young woman who spent her whole life training to be a warrior, found that she couldn't stand the sights and stench of actual battle? What if her sword of power worked only when she had confidence and faith? What happens when she despairs or doubts?

Those are some of the questions that started me on my quest to finish The Crystal Sword. 

My youngest daughter took a photography class at our local zoo last summer, and the lesson she remembers the most came from this question: what if you changed the angle on your shot, and took a photo from a different perspective?

What questions inspire your creative endeavors?

Creativity Toolbox: Look around you, and within you, and ask a "what if" question today.