Monday, April 23, 2012

A to Z Challenge - Time

Time, a precious commodity, more valuable than silver or gold.

We need it, and I have little today, so this post is going to be super short.


Do you think it's essential for a writer, or a creative thinker, or an artist, or musician?

How do you use your time wisely?


  1. who doesnt value time? prisoners, students, hmmm

  2. As much time as I've spent blogging this month, it's probably not wise, but I am having fun.

  3. well, sometimes I use my time wisely and sometimes I don't but then I go back to that quote about time enjoyed wasting is not wasted I always go back to that and as long as I'm getting all my work/obligations done!

  4. I can relate. I always feel pressed for time. As our careers move on it seems we have more to do and less time. I make a pretty strict schedule to stick to, and I still don't get as much done as I want to.

  5. Tara - thought-provoking question

    Alex - glad you're having fun!

    Tracy - Very true - time enjoyed is not wasted!

    M Pax - schedules and lists help me too.

  6. I love joining in the A to Z challenge, but around the letter P I start to get cranky, because my time feels so short. I've not been getting as much writing done as I'd like -- well, I mean novel writing. I'm getting as much blog writing done as a person could want. Ha!

  7. I try so hard to get the most out of my time while the kids are in school. So today when I lost an hour looking for a photo studio in an obscure location, I actually cried. But I put on some music and got over it. much so that I wasn't even upset when my daughter informed me that I had actually passed right by the studio. I couldn't find it because their mailbox had been knocked down. *Sigh*

  8. L.G. - I know how you feel. The challenge is fun, but it is challenging.

    Linda - I've had those kind of moments while looking for some place or anothe. I'm glad you got through it with music and your daughter!


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