Friday, December 17, 2010

365 Days of Blessings, Days 200 and 201

Double Blessings! Today I'm giving thanks for:

1. The joy of picking up an old book and re-reading the stories like old friends.

2. The short story, "My Princess," by Elizabeth Moon is so wonderfully detailed and rich, describing the loyalty of a horseboy to his warrior princess, who is pulled away from command and forced into a betrothal. Thanks to the loyalty of those under her command, she regains her freedom.

3. The short story, "The Little Landmaid," by Sara Young is an excellent mermaid tale that is both chilling and warming. One young mermaid must stop the ocean from overtaking the land, and killing her adopted land family, even though she loves the pull of the sea.

4. "Strays" by Megan Lindholm still makes me cry after ten years. A young girl befriends another, the queen of stray cats, and is changed by their friendship and by the other girl's courage in the face of a losing battle. Set in urban America, it's a grim, gritty story that doesn't gloss over the painful reality of living in the wrong city neighborhood. Catwoman never had this kind of depth, or poignancy.

5. Fantasy can hold truths up to a new light that sometimes enables us to see them clearly.

6. We are on our second cleaning of the girls' closets today, and we are finding even more to either give away or use for a yard sale benefiting their dance studio.

7. I love taking reading breaks like some people love taking coffee breaks. Of course, I read with a cup of tea close by my side.

8. A beautiful crisp morning with frost on the ground.

9. Walking briskly in fresh air.

10. Seeing friends on the road.

11. Greeting walkers/runners/bikers on the road with warm smiles and big hellos.

12. My cat is a super clean cat, which is wonderful. Of course, I think it's funny too, when she "must" wash after being petted.

13. Laughing at "Sonny With a Chance" with my daughters.

14. Teddy Bears.

15. A bunny stuffed animal in a Christmas dress.

16. Salt.

17. Pepper.

18. Italian seasoning in a huge jar.

19. Dried onions.

20. Immanuel.

Scripture Blessings:

Matthew 1:23
“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”).

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Golden Eagle said...

I love reading breaks, too. :)