Friday, December 3, 2010

365 Days of Blessings, Days 186 and 187

Yesterday I didn't write. Not a single word . . . well, except for that facebook status update, but I don't think those count, not really.

For me, that makes for a bizarre day, and in the end I walked around with a small notebook and pen in my hand, planning to take a moment somewhere and just jot down a few words. I didn't do it, but having the notebook and pen made me feel better.

I guess I'm just addicted to writing. Are there Writer's Anonymous groups?

Shall I stand up and say, "Hi, my name's Tyrean, and I write every day. When I don't write, I feel lost, empty, strange, and not myself. It's been only one day since I wrote, and I don't think I'll go that long again without writing something."

When I don't write, I keep listing blessings in my head, and starting poems, thinking over characters both old and new, and mulling over just what it is that drives my writing. Some of my writing is inspired by joy, and some of it is driven by old bitterness. I have to watch that.

Yesterday, I found myself turning over moments in my life that might be useful someday to me as a writer . . . good memories, and bad ones. Someday I might have the courage to write something based on those kind of real life experiences. For now, I'm content with fiction, with some reality driven poetry in the mix. However, all that real stuff makes its way into the fictional stuff somehow, as the background experience that brings truth to the fiction.

I am thankful that God made me a writer. I know it's not an accident that I love writing the way that I do. I may not be able to claim fame as a writer, but it is who I am.

Not long ago, I read a post that differentiated writers into hobbyists and professionals. I found the post highly offensive in the marrow of my bones, the deepness of my soul, and in the way that some people find nails on a chalkboard to be aggravating. It got under my skin. After weeks of mulling it around, I think I know why. I believe a writer is someone who writes, and someone who feels passionate about writing. Writers are writers. That's it. No labels.

So, enough of my rant about writing.

Here are some of the amazing blessings that I am giving thanks for today:

1. My oldest daughter's independent hard work. She finished a number of lessons while I was sick.

2. Sisters who take care of each other, like when a big sister makes breakfast for her sick little sister. (I was in the shower, and didn't even know they were up)

3. Relief, and a sense of accomplishment from finishing National Novel Writing Month.

4. Anticipating what will happen next for my writing. Revision actually sounds fun right now. Plus, I can take moments and write on all those side ideas I had to put aside during NaNo . . . poems, short stories, devotions.

5. Friends from our Thursday Family Co-op who picked up my oldest daughter and took them with her yesterday to do a science project and have some fun.

6. My youngest daughter and I felt well enough to go to an awesome ballet last night.

7. Celebrate His Birth is the perfect intertwining of faith and ballet. A dear, wonderful friend of ours, who I admire greatly, choreographed this ballet and presents it each year with her dance company, the Metropolitan Ballet of Tacoma. There is just one more showing tonight at 7:30. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, I highly recommend it. For more details, check out their website Metropolitan Ballet of Tacoma

8. Seeing and visiting with some of our church family at the ballet last night. We have such fun, and wonderful church family.

9. Seeing and visiting with some of our Monday Homeschool Co-op family at the ballet last night. We have a great group!

10. The amazing skill and beauty of the dancers in last night's production. We are so blessed to see some of the same dancers each year, improving and deepening their performances.

11. Running into my old tap teacher, Mr. Ken, last night. He makes everyone laugh, and he has a heart for dance, and for each person he meets.

12. Memories of tap class. The fun, the laughter, and the dancers, and the tap steps too. :-)

13. Plans for my daughter's first performance of their new tap company trio routine, Bicycle, at theFestival of Trees this Sunday. Their costumes aren't in, but we are making plans to work around that, and I am excited to see them dance.

14. My daughters are going to a much anticipated birthday party tonight! (Did I say we were thankful that we are almost 100% well?)

15. My husband is gearing up for snowboarding season. He'll be going up for snowboard teacher clinics soon, and I can see the excitement that runs through him at the thought of hitting the slopes.

16. The Be Jolly By Golly blogfest! See the button on the right, and join in the festivities!

17. Bunny rabbits in the driveway, eating the bird seed we scattered last week.

18. Quinoa flakes cereal. It's a gluten free, corn free, rice free, soy free, tapioca free, oatmeal free alternative I can eat. Plus, I like it, that's good too.

19. Pink pajama pants with flowers and butterflies.

20. The Lord gives us good news!

Scripture Blessings:
"God sent the angel Gabriel to a town called Nazareth. There, he gave a message to Mary, a pure, unmarried young girl. 'Greetings, Mary! God has chosen you! You are going to have a baby boy named Jesus. He is God's only Son!'" Luke 1:26-32 (from our family advent devotional)

"Micah said, 'Out of you, little town of Bethlehem, will come the greatest of rulers, for He will be the Shepherd of all of God's people.'" Matthew 2:6 (from our family advent devotional)


Golden Eagle said...

I agree about labeling writers--writers write, and that's it.

C. N. Nevets said...

I'm glad you can eat #18, but I'm surprised that they can package air. ;-)

Angie said...

I agree. Writers write. No other qualifications necessary. How fun to go to the ballet! I'm glad you are feeling better.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Writers write. Thanks!

Nevets - Quinoa flakes are pretty light, but not quite just air ;-) . . .