Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Karen Lange's 5 Reasons to Write Nonfiction - with Comments!

Please welcome Karen Lange today!
My utmost apologies for having the comment area turned off when this post originally went live.

Five Reasons to Write Nonfiction
By Karen Lange
Merriam Webster defines nonfiction as “writing that is about facts or real events: all writing that is not fiction”.
I think it is important for writers to write nonfiction because we’ve been given a gift, an opportunity to share and affect change through our words.
Here are my top five reasons why nonfiction writing is important.
  1. To Share Stories: The Interview  
An interview helps readers get to know a person on a deeper level. William Zinsser said, Nothing so animates writing as someone telling what he thinks or what he does-in his own words.” I agree. A firsthand account is an excellent primary source that adds great value to our work. The writer gets to share an authentic story and the reader comes away informed, entertained, and enriched.
  1. To Share Events: The News Story
Where would we be without good journalists? Someone has to keep the public up to date on what’s happening. Journalistic writing offers a medium for news presented in a thoughtful, organized, and engaging way.
  1. To Instruct: The How-to Article
How many times have you searched Google to find out how to do something? What would we do without articles like “How to Clean a Tile Shower” or “How to Train Your New Puppy”? This type of article informs and equips, providing a valuable service for readers.
  1. To Educate: The Essay
Essays come in many forms, such as comparison, persuasive, and narrative. Using a topic or question, they make a point by research, analysis, and personal interpretation. They educate readers on topics from scientific and political to entertainment and humanitarian issues. The essay provides an opportunity to express info and opinions in a unique and creative way.
  1. To Encourage: The Inspirational Piece
Through inspiring words we can encourage, soothe, and urge readers to pursue dreams. You never know what simple bits of wisdom and truth might stick with a reader, urging them to be better and kinder versions of themselves. Whether quotes on a blog post or a topical article saying, “I’ve been there, too,” uplifting words are timely and welcome.  
Nonfiction writing is a great tool that enables us to make a difference. What will you do with it today?
Happy writing,
Karen :)
Karen Lange is a freelance writer, editor, blogger, online writing instructor at the, and the author of two books for homeschool parents. Her articles have been featured in print and online publications. She's a big fan of dark chocolate, historical fiction, and ice hockey. Visit Karen at her blog,
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Tyrean: My favorite of these is the interview, but I also like the Why kind of how-to articles! :)
Thank you, Karen!


mshatch said...

I generally don't write non-fiction, except for blogposts, which are almost all non-fiction, but I do find I enjoy doing both.

Tyrean Martinson said...

I agree, M! :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

No worries!
I've written a lot of instructional articles for blogs over the years. That should probably scare someone...

Karen Lange said...

Thanks for hosting me today! I love this 5 Reason Series. Appreciate you letting me be a part of it. Hope you had a great trip! :)

Karen Lange said...

All kinds of writing can stretch us, can't it? :)

Lol - well, I think we're more in awe of you versus scared. You are quite the accomplished writer. :)

Natalie Aguirre said...

Now that I am making a living as a nonfiction writer, I so agree with Karen as to why it is important. And I've come to enjoy writing it. Can't believe that I'm writing almost full-time.

Karen Lange said...

Good to hear you're making out well with it, and enjoying it too. Thanks for checking out the post! :)

quietspirit said...

I am an encourager at heart. I believe God chose me to encourage others with my writing about Him and His Word. I have tried fiction but I kept getting stuck in the process.
I enjoy Karen's blog. She brings such good ideas to our attention.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I love writing non-fiction. After two non-fiction books, I think it's more my style.

Mark said...

Great reasons all! My reason...I just like it:) Good enough for me:)

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I read a lot of nonfiction. I think history and the whys and whats of the universe are exciting.

Karen Lange said...

Thanks for your kind words! Non fiction writing suits you well. :)

I think we can write many things, but somehow settle into what we're supposed to do. :)

Hey, I like that one! It should definitely be on the list! :)

Have found it to be true as well. :) Do you find that the older you get the more these things interest you?

Happy writing,

Susan Sundwall said...

Ah, the essay. My favorite thing to write! Nice post, Karen.

Karen Lange said...

And you do the essay so nicely! :) Thanks a bunch!

Crystal Collier said...

Awesome! I've debated doing the whole non-fiction thing a few times. It terrifies me, but you break it down simply enough that anyone could do it.

Karen Lange said...

Crystal, I know you can do it! One example - your blog is non fiction, and you've been doing that successfully for quite some time. :)

Karen Lange said...

I'm sure you could do it, Crystal! Plus, you already do it so well on your blog, you know? :)