Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Casting Call Character Blog Hop!

Casting Call Character Blog Hop!!!

I found out about this Blog Hop at Eagle’s Aerial Perspective and it fits perfectly with preparations with NaNoWriMo, so I decided to squeeze in one more Blog Hop before NaNo. So today is Casting Call, then I'll Halloween Blog Hop this weekend, and after that I’ll be slowing my posts to twice a week – blessings and writing posts only.

The Casting Call Character Blog Hop is hosted by Carrie Butler
Melodie Wright
and Lisa L. Regan

The Rules: Choose one of the following options and post:

1. Photo montage - Grab photos online, and post them with small descriptions of your characters. Let's be safe/smart about this. Don't take copyrighted photos without permission, provide attribution on photos with a Creative Commons license, etc. Basically, give credit, where credit is due. I'm sure most of you do that with your posts, anyway. :)

2. Book trailer - You've seen them online, right? This is the perfect excuse to try one of your own!

3. Paintings/Drawings/Doodles on Napkins - C'mon, we won't make fun of your art skills. It's all for fun. :)

When I saw this awesome blogfest, I was immersed in drawing a map for my story, and decided to check out some photos for scene setting and geography.

This is Aerland, home of the Aerland Griffins and their human counterparts, the Griffin Watch.


This is the Northern part of the Septilian coast, the last edge where the dark sorceress, Sihrqayya has not yet reached.


Leander, once cursed with his 12 brothers to live in swan form by day, still has one wing, and longs for the simplicity of his life as a swan. He hates court life, and wishes that he still looked like this:


It's really hard for me to choose an actor for him, I think I've looked at about 10 actors, and tried to figure out who would fit Leander both in age, and in looks. Jake T. Austin is the closest I've found for Leander, and yet, he needs longer hair . . . like maybe a much younger Orlando Bloom? But the reality is all the pics I can find of Orlando that are free are of him with a mustache and that so doesn't fit.
So here's Jake T. Austin:


Perren, is Leader's unwanted mentor, and he is the Rrissorrian Royal Falconer. He doesn't care much for court life and prefers the company of his hawks, which he hopes will help him gain Leander's trust. This picture helps me visualize the size of his favorite hawk to the size of Perren himself:


Maybe Viggo Mortensen would fit Perren's character


My character Clara from The Crystal Sword will be entering into On One Wing, so this is a pic for the crystal that she is searching for, in the hopes to "heal" her sword:

Clara is supposed to be making allies, but instead she has struck out on her own mission.

And although I have a tough time choosing pics of actresses that I think fit my characters, I think that AnnaSophia Robb comes close (but she needs more sword fighting muscle):


Klyan, the griffin, makes me wish that I had artistic skills, but I really like this drawing by Joshua Stephen Mersereau, even if I picture Klyan's coloring a little differently. BTW, Klyan is mourning his last Griffin Watch partner, and is seeking out Clara for the Triune Council of Allies.


Thank you Carrie, Melodie and Lisa for hosting this awesome blog hop, and getting me to find some pics that help me with characterization for this year's NaNoWriMo!!!

And next . . .I'll be taking all the photos I found at Wikipedia Commons to make a collage that will stand by my writing space for NaNo!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The location shots are amazing! And can't go wrong with Viggo.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Alex - Thanks! I love those shots, although I have yet to figure out the region between them completely yet, and I think Viggo is great for many roles . . .he doesn't stick with one length of hair all the time, and I can picture him as a falconer.

Anonymous said...

I love your creativity! And Anna Sophia is a great choice!

Lisa Regan said...

Great post! I love that you did setting pics!

Joanne said...

I agree with Alex; Viggo can do it all!
Blessings, Joanne

JeffO said...

Nicely done, Tyrean, and an intriguing-sounding story!

Carrie Butler said...

Oh goodness. I'm so late in getting here. Sorry about that!

Great Casting Call, Tyrean! I love all the details you've included. :)

Thank you for participating!