Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Writing Wednesday: Deadlines or Lifelines?

Deadlines or Lifelines?

Deadlines sound final, imposing, possibly even painful, or fatal.

Are they final? In some ways, yes. A certain time limit is given, and a certain word count, polish, and final touch to a story or article must be might. In some ways, no. The editor asks for a little revision, and a new deadline is set. The proofs come. The magazine/e-zine/anthology is published, and rejoiced over far past the last deadline for the writer. The work feels alive on the page. (even if one wants to tweak it just a little more to make it better)

Are deadlines imposing, possibly even painful? No. Well, yes. Well, No. At first a deadline is like a wonderful goal. Mini-goals are set to make it. Success feels certain. Then, a stumbling block arises, and the deadline hangs over one’s head like a guillotine. Then extra time is found, creativity is maximized, and the deadline is reached with a sense of satisfied freedom.

Are deadlines fatal? No. The deadline is a lifeline. When you know your work is wanted, needed, planned for, it gives encouragement, and shoots energy into the words.

Even when the deadline is self-imposed, there is a liveliness of writing to be found while racing the clock, or calendar.

What do you think of deadlines? Are they lifelines?

Scripture Blessings:

"'I am the Alpha and the Omega,' says the Lord God, 'who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.'" Revelation 1:8


Carol Riggs said...

Deadlines help me get things done! They can be stressful, though. And you're right--they are continual: you finish one, and another one pops up! Keeps lift interesting. ;o)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Deadlines make me move my lazy butt sometimes!

Joanne said...

I love the last point. It i so true! what a feeling it must be to know that people want your work!
Blessings, Joanne

Karen Lange said...

Yes, they are. I have sort of a love/hate thing with deadlines, but they do help me get a lot done. And the satisfaction of meeting them is great.