Thursday, August 25, 2011

Campaign Plunge

I've decided to take the campaign plunge, by joining Rachael Harris' Third Writers' Platform Building Campaign. It sounds like awesome writing fun, and a great way to encourage and build each other up as writers.

The last time she hosted a campaign, I saw some of the really cool fests that fellow bloggers were participating in, and I struggled with writer envy. Seriously. She knows how to hosts some fun events. So, if you would like to get know fellow bloggers with similar interests, join in on some awesome writing fests, I recommend joining the Third Writers' Platform Building Campaign.

I admit, I sat on the fence a few days thinking of this . . . just because my life feels slightly swamped with awesome blessings . . . but then I decided I would join in and try it anway.


Keena said...

good luck!!

Golden Eagle said...

I'm excited about this Campaign The Second was a lot of fun--this one seems like it will be just as much!

Tyrean Martinson said...

Keena - Thanks!!!

The Golden Eagle - it does look like fun!