Friday, November 7, 2014

Celebrating Authors, Realms Faire, A New Cover, NaNo, and the Friday Freebie

Today I'm celebrating:

Cathrina Constantine's Newest Book and Giveaway:
Wickedly They Dream
Genre: Paranormal Thriller/Fantasy
Publisher: Black Opal Books Grab it today for only 99 cents!  HERE How Far Will Jordan go to rescue her mother. It will cost her everything--even her angel, Markus!

Buy Links: Amazon
Author Cathrina Constantine resides in Western New York. When not with her family, you'll find her in the forest behind her house walking the dogs and conjuring a new tale.
You can find Cathy Here:

And I'm celebrating:
Milo James Fowler's book:
A detective with no way out. A telepath with something to prove... World-weary detective Charlie Madison has seen more than his share of war. When he stops by the 37th precinct late one night to check on his old friend Sergeant Douglass, the place is as quiet as a morgue. The last thing he expects to find: half a dozen Russian gunmen with a score to settle. What starts out as a vicious Alamo-style battle soon evolves into something more sinister as Madison's past comes into play. Will his ties to a branch of the Japanese mafia be a help or a hindrance? And who is the strange man in holding? Why are the Russians determined to break him out? Struggling to survive the night, one private eye must rely on his wits to solve a mystery where he's outnumbered, outgunned, and trapped inside a police station with a soulless killing machine.

Musa Publishing

And I'm celebrating:

With nine super fun events and an amazing stash of books for the giveaway, this Realms Faire promises to be the best yet!!!  To start exploring the event, go here!

Lastly, I have these celebrations:
1. The new paperback cover for Champion in the Darkness is done! Yay!
2. NaNoWriMo is both crazy and good so far - I'm working two projects at once.
3. My two daughters are attending Frostbite Camp this weekend - a flat-water sprint canoe and kayak camp hosted by the Seattle Canoe and Kayak Club.
4. I have awesome IWSG friends! Thank you for your encouragement!

#FridayFreebie: Dragonfold and Other Adventures this week again for kindle readers and apps!
Next week it will be: "Seedling." The week after that it will be: "The Bridge Snap."


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations, Cathrina!
Can't wait to see your new cover.
Ready to joust in the Realms Faire next week.

Unknown said...

You've done so much! Congrats & keep at it.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

very nice!

Sarah Foster said...

Two NaNo projects at once?! I couldn't even commit to one. Good luck!

Kate Larkindale said...

Wow, 2 projects at once?

Deborah O'Carroll said...

Good luck on your NaNo projects! NaNo is awesome. :D

And I snagged a copy of Dragonfold - yay! It looks interesting. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading more about your NaNo projects -- and thanks for the mention!

L.G. Keltner said...

I love celebrating books!

Christine Rains said...

Congrats to Milo and Cathrina! Good luck with NaNo. I'm cheering you on! :)