Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Insecure Writer's Support Group - Goals and Revision

Today, in my pre-write notes, it says “share encouragement.” That’s it.

Hmm. So, I’m pre-writing for a moment before I post, but not much before.

And, I admit I’m feeling a bit low on my own writing journey today.

I had these goals, you see. Goals that I wrote last year, that stated I would be finished with a polished draft of my novel, The Crystal Sword, by January 31st.

Umm. Well. That’s not going to happen at this point, unless the rest of my life stops and I only write.

With two very important family birthdays this month (my husband turns 45 today, and my oldest daughter becomes a teenager in a few weeks), and all of life’s usual activities. I can’t put my life on hold, and I don’t want to. My family comes before my writing.

So, what to do?

Throw out all goals, like all the New Year’s Scrooges suggest?

No. Just rewrite them to be more realistic, and enjoy the journey of life and writing intertwined.

Goals can be changed, revised, and polished – just like my novel.

So, here’s my new goal: Finish polishing The Crystal Sword by June 1st, 2012.
Then, pursue publication.

So, as usual my encouragement really boils down to seven words:
Just Keep Writing, and Enjoy the Journey.

If you need to revise your words, or your goals, it’s ok.

Just Keep Writing, and Enjoy the Journey.

Then, go, and share encouragement with your fellow writers through the awesome Insecure Writer's Support Group:


Cherie Reich said...

Good luck with your goals! The fluidity of goals is one thing I love about them. You can re-evaluate them and see what is working, what isn't, and adjust.

Summer Ross said...

I wish you the best of luck with your new goals!

Tasha Seegmiller said...

I love the idea of goal modification instead of just quitting because things didn't work out. Great attitude! New follower :)

Tyrean Martinson said...

Cherie - Thanks! Fluidity of goals is kind of new to me, but I agree.

Summer - Thanks!

Tasha - Thank you!!!

Cassie Mae said...

Ah, spoken like a true writer! If it's not working, rewrite it. :)

Tyrean Martinson said...

Cassie - thanks for that comment! I wish I had put it that concisely "if it's not working, rewrite it." thank you!

Nancy Thompson said...

Great advice! Goals are not governed by rules. They're just mile posts, markers along the road. Just because you didn't make it as far down the road as you wanted, doesn't mean the journey was for nothing or that it has to end.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Just adjust those goals! Move it back a couple weeks and don't stress about it.
And then spoil your husband tonight. We don't handle that age very well...

Karen Walker said...

Love that - just keep writing, enjoy the journey. Lovely lovely lovely thank you

Katie Dunn said...

Simple, honest, and to the point! Great advice=) Thanks for sharing and good luck with your revised goals!

Tyrean Martinson said...

Nancy - Thanks! I like how you stated that - "Doesn't mean the journey has to end."

Alex - I plan on it! Thanks!

Karen - Thank you!

Kathleen - Thanks - good luck to your writing too!

Luanne G. Smith said...

I wish more people would learn to give themselves permission to rewrite their goals and ambitions to fit their lives. It's okay if the writing takes six months longer than originally planned. You'll still get it finished, but without stressing out over some arbitrary deadline.

Anonymous said...

Or as Dory from Finding Nemo said, "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." Best wishes for you and yours for 2012!

Tyrean Martinson said...

L.G. Smith - I agree!

Stephen - Thanks! Best wishes to you too!

Patsy said...

'Just keep writing' sounds like excellent advice!

Rewriting your goals is a good plan - much better to do that than to give up, or not have any to start with.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Patsy - Thanks! I appreciate your encouragement!

Georgina Morales said...

Those are words of wisdom: Just keep writing and enjoy the journey. So far, I'm doing just that and couldn't be happier. It is true that life gets in the way of my novel but I wouldn't miss my girls childhood for the world.

I hope you can see that polish ms and your name on a paperback this 2012. Best of lucks!

Visiting from Diary of a Writer in Progress

Brianna said...

Wonderful, Tyrean! Words to live by in 2012! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Yup. It happens. Even after achieving publication. I missed my 2011 deadline, and am still laboring to finish the next book. Life got in the way, but I'm slowing getting back in step with combining both writing and living. It's a constant struggle, but worth the effort.

Happy writing!