Tuesday, January 18, 2011

365 Days of Blessings - Five Days in A Row! 229 thru 233

Five Days . . . many thanks . . . a tiny notebook with white polka dots on a field of blue with a fingerprint flower smiling up at me . . . a place to capture all the blessings, poems and story ideas for five days . . .

Friday Blessings
1. Cocoa muffins - made and packed.

2. Cinnamon bake - made and packed.

3. Pizza, chili, and bread - made and packed.

4. Breakfast.

5. 1 mile walk.

6. Prayed for a miracle, and husband came home just in time to help me.

7. Reservations for the dogs and cat at Bayside Animal Lodge, where they get loved as well as kenneled.

8. Youth Snow Trip!!!

9. Car ride with a friend.

10. Getting there - driving into camp in the dark, walking into a bright, big chapel filled with teens and adults from four different churches.

11. Singing a fun version of "Be Still, and Know that I am God."

12. Warm cabins to sleep in.

Saturday Blessings:
1. Taking beginner level skiers from the bunny hill to the chair lift successfully!

2. Teaching wedge turns, and seeing skiers gain more control and confidence.

3. Riding on the chair lift - I am so thankful I don't have to walk up the hill.

4. Taking a short black diamond side trip through powder with my youngest daughter.

5. Taking a boarder with three days of experience on intermediate runs, and being impressed by her tenacity and ability.

6. Watching my husband teach boarders with joy.

7. Watching my husband teach our youth director how to ride in the park.

8. The confidence of youth.

9. My oldest daughter (almost 12) taking charge of a group of level 1 skiers, and leading them on various easy runs.

10. Worship at camp.

11. A room full of different definitions of adventure - awesome definitions!

12. God calls us to the greatest adventure of all.

13. The Rainsin Sketch . . . "We are the raisins that make, the cereal taste great. Oh Yeah!" and "Spoon! Spoon! Spoon! Spoon!"

Sunday Blessings:
1. More sleep!

2. Tasty breakfast!

3. Sleepy bus ride to the mountain.

4. Skiing in the rain with enthusiastic kids.

5. Dry clothes.

6. Warm heaters.

7. The Mt. Baker lodge cat let me pet him.

8. Time to relax.

9. The "Do Run Run" rhyme game on the way home from the mountain.

10. The story game on the way home from the mountain . . . kids outside my writing class like this game!

11. Playing "Freeze!" - the improv game.

12. Awesome worship at chapel at the end of the day.

Monday Blessings:
1. Time to sleep in!

2. Chapel worship with three youth groups as a way to start the day.

3. Creative worship with sculpting, drawing, praising, praying, reading, singing, and hugging!

4. Breakfast and packing up on the last day of camp.

5. A quick car drive - traffic actually flowed, and it was a great trip back.

6. Talking on the phone with a friend about new hope in Christ!

7. Writing poetry in my head while driving.

8. My awesome students from both my Shakespeare Class and my Writing class who made my presentation table so cool for our home school cooperative open house! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

9. My youngest daughter helped me put together my tri-fold poster boards for my classes. She has a great eye for visual flow and detail!

10. The wonderful help of a parent-teacher who gave me sticky letters to use on my writing poster board! Thank you!

11. Watching my youngest daughter sing "Jesus Loves Me" in Spanish, and then watching her sign with her sign language class. She is so talented! (and I know I'm biased)

12. My oldest daughter performed with her guitar class, even though she didn't feel prepared and she didn't want to. She did a really good job, and I am proud of her for getting up there and playing.

13. My amazing and wonderful husband went the extra mile yesterday with all his hard work helping with packing up with the youth, unpacking at our house, and picking up our dogs and cat from their kennel time.

14. Our dogs looked happy and well fed! They were calm, and happy to be home. (our last kennel experience left their ribs showing, and they acted like they were panicked)

15. God sees us safely home.

Tuesday Blessings:
1. Sleeping in for a long, long time.

2. Ice, and heat make for a better day when you wake up with a sore neck.

3. Clean laundry.

4. Washers and dryers.

5. Conversations about facebook conversations . . . appropriate or inappropriate content.

6. Mint Tea.

7. My kids are dance, dance, dancing.

8. Loving up the dogs and cat after days away.

9. Just being home.

10. New hope in God's direction for life.

11. Testimony shared in a dance studio lobby!

Scripture Blessings:

"With the help of Silas, whom I regard as a faithful brother, I have written to you briefly, encouraging you and testifying that this is the true grace of God. Stand fast in it." 1 Peter 5:12


Golden Eagle said...

Wonderful list of blessings!

Carol Riggs said...

That is so great that you catalog all these, and write them down for your remembrance (and that you share them with us!), because it's SO easy to forget the blessings. Easier to complain and whine about things we don't have. Keep it up! :)

Tyrean Martinson said...

Golden Eagle - Thanks!

Carol - Thank you! I started these blessing posts for that very reason - it is way to easy for me to whine. In fact, today, I am struggling to word something in a way that is a blessing and not a grumble. Hopefully, I'll get it untangled and start looking at it the right way soon.