Saturday, November 27, 2010

365 Days of Blessings, Day 181

Today I'm giving thanks for these every day, and awesome blessings:

1. Feeling God's hands of protection in my life.

2. Getting a new cell-phone - it's pretty, blue, and we decided to get a texting plan - oooh.

3. Making the decision to not get internet connections on our phones. I'm proud of us, actually. I know that probably sounds braggy, but after nearly six months of contemplating the type of plan we wanted, we decided that talking and texting is enough.

4. My oldest daughter has her own cell phone now. Wow. She worked hard to earn it, and had to sit through a session of "how to use your phone responsibly" yesterday with us. We think she gets it. At this moment, she knows it's a priveledge and a responsibility.

5. My youngest daughter, after some disappointment and the realization that we love her enough to hold to our family rules on cell-phones, decided to be happy for her sister, and then used my phone to text her sister several times yesterday. She's going to wait until after Christmas, and then try to earn herself something like an ipod, or MP3 player, or . . . whatever she doesn't get for Christmas that she "really" wants.

6. Spicy dill pickles from a pickle party, made by my youngest. The best pickles I've ever tasted, and I usually don't like dill.

7. Anna is learning to play "I saw Three Ships" on guitar, and my mom is helping her.

8. My husband found two new night lights for our family. Our old one burned out, and our house has felt way too dark at night. We like being able to find our way around at 2a.m. without going "bump" in the night.

9. My husband bought a new back up thingamajiggy for my laptop, so that I won't lose my writing, and I don't have to go into the downstairs computer room and find the old back up thingamajiggy.

10. The Lord prepares us to follow His paths.

Scripture Blessings: “See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared." Exodus 23:20

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Warren Baldwin said...

Good list of blessings!