Friday, May 27, 2011

365 Days of Blessings, Days 359, 360, and 361

Triple Play Blessings Today!!!

Today I'm giving thanks for:

1. This blogging challenge. I've made some clerical errors in my day "count", and I've struggled some days to keep it going, but I am nearing the finish line of this project, and I've learned a great deal about blogging, writing, my faith, and even my own family life through this project.

2. A sweet friend of mine told me yesterday that she's seen my faith stretched and grown by the Lord the last five months as I've coordinated worship and music for our new church. I'm pretty sure anything good is God's work, so Praise God for undeserved growth and sweet friends.

3. Lessons learned.

4. Waking up with a sense of purpose. There are days when my purpose is clear, and the Lord's call on my life is as beautiful as the birds singing their morning songs.

5. Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens. My husband and I actually had this sung at our wedding by a dear friend, despite that it's not really a "wedding" song. I had the Wedding March for my mother-in-law, big flowers for my mom, wore heels for a friend who thought I should (they were kicked off and I went barefoot for the reception so I could dance) but I wouldn't budge on this song. For me, starting a new day, and starting a new life with someone are both good reasons to sing this song.

6. When I heard that song I think of my wedding day, and our 15 year anniversary is "only" three months away. Every day is a good day to be married to my hubby.

7. Easter celebrations are really every day celebrations.

8. Watching the wind ruffle the maple leaves outside our window, wiggle the branches of a pine tree, and run through the bushes.

9. For some reason, I see with fresh eyes all the new leaves on the trees when the wind blows through them. Spring is fully here and summer is coming, even when the skies are partly gray.

10. Every green is different from all the other greens . . . when I look at the trees and the leaves, they all remind me how uniquely God created each of them, and each of us.

11. Memorial Day Weekend is here.

12. Looking forward to putting flowers on gravesides, and hearing the flags snap in the breeze.

13. Thinking of my grandfathers, and how they loved their gardens. One served in the army as a calvary sargeant, retrained as a tank mechanic during WWII, and one was unable to serve due to a disability, but they both loved our country and their gardens.

14. My grandmothers both loved children, and although they didn't serve our country in the military, they served their families daily. We put flowers out for them too.

15. My youngest daughter finished learning about WWII in our homeschool lessons recently, and we were both impressed by the facts that show that everyone in our country served in the war effort in one way or another, whether in uniform, or out of it. The factory work that supported the military, the victory gardens, and the rations were all part of serving our country. We know that it isn't the same to be behind the lines, but we were still impressed by the level of commitment.

16. Coming from a family with physical disabilities has made me aware of those who wish to serve, but can't serve in the regular way. Sometimes I think this is part of my dad's servant heart, and why he has worked so tirelessly for family and friends.

17. My husband's experiences in the Navy were mixed, but full of learning and faith stretching moments. His proudest moment actually came from helping the Whatcom County Sheriff's department find a downed plane in the Puget Sound while he was serving with Mobile Unit 17, the only reserve EOD unit in the 90s.

18. Watching my husband pet our older dog with his sock. We've discoverd he is allergic to dogs, but we aren't going to give them up until they are ready to pass on so he finds creative ways to pet our dogs with towels, gloves, socks, etc protecting his skin.

19. My cat has decided I need to finish this post, so she can get her time. She reminds me that time is flying by and I need to move, or at least stop and pet a cat.

So, quickly, here's the fast list of blessings I'm thankful for:

20. Soft t-shirts.

21. Old Jeans.

22. $5 off coupons for places like the grocery store and Target - places where I actually shop.

23. 13 days left for homeschooling (including today).

24. Three bags of books for the library book sale - I like knowing our old books are going somewhere useful.

25. Having plenty of books left on our groaning bookshelves.

26. My daughters had a "fashionista" day yesterday - dressing up in their sparkliest clothes. They are so beautiful.

27. My youngest daughter has announced that she wants to be an artist now, and only wants to study marine biology for fun! I'm glad because she's been following in step with her oldest sister for years now, and although marine biology is cool, I think she needs to explore her options at the age of 9.

28. My daughters started research for their research papers and we discovered that we have more info about angelfish stored in our heads than they have in our local library system, and we have a pretty decent library system.

29. The internet as a research database . . . or at least Wikipedia.

30. The Lord provides just what we need in all circumstances.

Scripture Blessings:

"The Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7


Angie said...

It has been a terrific project. I always enjoy reading your blessings. Have a fun weekend.

Karen Lange said...

Congrats on almost 15 years! Wonderful blessings, you inspire me to remember to be thankful always.
Have a great weekend!

Tyrean Martinson said...

Angie - Thank you so much for joining me in this blessings journey! Have a great weekend!

Karen - Thanks! Your blog inspires me to keep writing. Thank you. Have a great weekend!