Wednesday, August 11, 2010

365 Days of Blessings - Day 74

Blessings, when shared, seem to grow like the seeds that fall and grow into mighty cedar trees.

If you're feeling blessed today, please share those blessings! We often take time to complain, but today, let's take the time to praise, and say thanks!

Shared Blessings: Normally I make sure I have permission to share blessings, but because I love these ones so much, and because I'm going to share them anonymously, I hope it's ok.
A friend from church said: "Loving VBS! What a blessing!"
And another friend said: "A blessed morning at VBS. A nap with her husband. The sun peeking through the clouds. Dinner on the waterfront with her family."

365 Days of Blessings, Day 74
1. God's word is surprising! "Let's Go!" - VBS Daily Bible Point, Day 3.

2. Pretending to be in a storm at sea, and then preparing to jump overboard with big groups of kids.

3. Reading the real sailing adventures of Paul in Acts 27 out loud with big groups of kids.

4. Seeing two young men/older boys start stretching their wings as VBS leaders.

5. Making blue jello for today's snack, and finding out that my daughters aren't sure they like it . . . sounds like a non-blessing, but sometimes finding out that we don't like everything everyone else eats is a blessing for those of us with massive food intolerances. Gee, maybe we aren't so sad not to eat all that stuff we can't eat.

6. Having a night out with my husband, and talking about VBS, our kids, work, and our dreams for the future.

7. Dinner and a movie. That's what we did on our first date, and that's what we fall back on for many of our anniversary dates. It's casual, but we like it. Plus, we made sure we had lots of time to talk.

8. The dreams for the future conversation still continues . . .even in the midst of preparing for our day, finding our clothes - oops, haven't been keeping up with laundry - and doing all the regular stuff.

9. My husbands hair. Ok, sounds odd, but I like his curls, and I like the fact that he thinks its fun to put it up into a "faux hawk" now and again.

10. 14 years and one day of marriage with the man I love.

Extra blessing: My husband's sense of humor . . . he's joking about "old man socks that need straps to hold them up" this morning.

Website for the day: The Humane Society
All of our animals have either been rescue animals, or given to us as "extras" from people who couldn't keep them. They are loveable, wonderful additions to our family.

Scripture for the Day (from VBS): "Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths of your instructions." Psalm 119:18


Karen Lange said...

Good stuff! You are a blessing:)
Have a wonderful week,

Angie said...

Happy Anniversary (yesterday). My anniversary is on Valentines day. It's fun, and my husband never forgets. :) I'm glad your VBS is turning out great. Here's one of my blessings today: going swimming with the kids. Summer's almost over. We've been doing school registration, but we're enjoying the last few days we have. Oh, and the school year will be a blessing too, I'm sure.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Thanks Karen!
Thanks Angie!