Wednesday, August 4, 2010

365 Days of Blessings - Day 67

365 Days of Blessings, Day 67

1. The Lord is steadfast.
I know I've probably stated that before as one of my blessings, but I can't help but come back to it because it is so true, and so refreshing. I may wake up grumpy, or feeling like I've failed too many times, or I make wake up super happy and excited for the day, or I may wake up and not be sure what to be thankful for.
Everyday, God is with me. He's with each of us. He is steadfast and faithful when we are not. Thank you, Lord!

2. Waking up to the sureness that my husband is a wonderful man, the perfect mate for me.

3. Waking up in love with my husband.

4. Attempting to write a love poem for my husband. Thankfully, I have a five days or so to polish it before our anniversary.

5. Deciding to read Song of Songs in my Bible this morning instead of starting Hosea. I'm more in the mood for love that's sweet. Hosea, well, Hosea is all about tough love, and I'm just not ready for that this morning. I'll start reading it . . . soon.

6. Realizing the irony of having a wonderful husband, and not being able to write love poetry, or romantic fiction . . . I grew up daydreaming about swashbuckling adventure with swords, lightsabers, and blasters and romance was something I closed my eyes against at the movies. So hey, if I can turn romantic, anyone can.

7. When clouds are low enough to mingle with the treetops, I feel like I'm in a fantasy world.

8. Warm slippers.

9. Feeling like this "Blessing counting" project is paying dividends into my life today. There are days when I struggle to give thanks, and then there are mornings like this when I feel like I could give thanks all day and not say enough.

10. Hanging out at Action Dance Studio. The parents make it a great place to be, and the studio director has a wonderful attitude.

Shared Blessings for the day:
1. My daughters are thankful for having their friend over from Monday night through Tuesday evening.
2. Tamika, one of my wonderful blog friends, says that she is thankful that God's mercy endures forever. Thanks for sharing Tamika!

Website for the day: Action Dance

Scripture for the day: "Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth - for your love is more delightful than wine." Song of Songs 1:1

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Karen Lange said...

You are a blessing, my friend. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!