Sunday, August 8, 2010

365 Days of Blessings - Day 71

Do you have blessings in your life that you would be willing to share here at my blog?

I would love to hear them, and if possible post them in my shared blessings section. The Shared Blessings section has been a spot at the end of my posts for a week or so now, made in the hope of encouraging others to share their blessings.
If you have some that you wouldn't mind sharing, please post them in the comment section or e-mail me.

For the next few weeks, the Shared Blessings are going to be right here at the top of my blog. I would love to hear from you. What has blessed your life lately?

Shared Blessings:
1. My husband is thankful for having good enough health to play the last softball game of the season yesterday. We had a great time at the game.

365 Days of Blessings, Day 71 (from me)

1. God set aside a day for rest. Thanks God!

2. A really fun, hard fought softball game. We lost, it rained on us, but we cheered for each other, and ended the season with smiles.

3. My husband played yesterday and had fun sliding into third base. Why does he slide? Because that is just the kind of player he is . . . and thankfully his back is good enough that he isn't limping around because of it.

4. Taking all of yesterday afternoon as a rest stop for myself and my daughters. We snuggled, and read our library books all afternoon.

5. My husband installed a used dishwasher to replace our really old one, and it works so far.

6. Thankfully, after the game, and the dishwasher, my husband took some time and rested around the house and then went and cheered for a few more softball teams that were still in the tournament last night.

7. Our dogs and our cat are always happy to see us get going in the morning.

8. Hot water for cereal, tea, and anything needed. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, not every place in the world has clean water of any kind. Our country is so blessed.

9. Bananas, just getting the brown spots that mark them as perfectly ripe (for my tastes anyway).

10. Windows. They open our eyes to the world around us.

Website for the day: World Vision International One of many places that is working to give people clean water, food, long term training programs, education, and hope. They save children from diseases related to unclean drinking water, and young girls and women from sexual human trafficking. Check out their website, and make a difference in someone's life. I know I sound like a commercial, but I really believe that the work they do is worthwhile.

Scripture Blessings:

"For I desire mercy, not sacrifice,
and acknowledgement of God rather
than burnt offerings." Hosea 6:6


Shannon O'Donnell said...

I love how you make a point of appreciating the little things like water and windows. Blessings are everywhere - we just don't always pause to be thankful.

I am thankful for healthy children, a good dog, the occasional cool day during a hot summer, coffee (lame, but true), and the world's greatest mother-in-law. :-)

Tyrean Martinson said...

Thanks Shannon - hope you don't mind I'll be putting your blessings right at the top on day 71. You are so right about blessings being everywhere!
Hope you are having a great day!