Saturday, May 8, 2010


Paradise is a meadow filled
with wildflowers in Mt. Rainier
National Park with the sun shining.

Paradise is a beach with golden
sand, kids laughing, and sunlight
glinting off the waves.

Paradise is a morning snuggle with my
head on my husband's strong shoulder,
listening to his heartbeat.

Paradise is a moment with his arms
draped around me, and my fingers
resting in the curve of his collarbone.

Paradise is anywhere that my heart belongs.

And then the cat meows, the dogs whine, and I'm up and moving on with a new day, ideas running through my head, and furry friends to pet, and a laptop waiting. Then there is that cup (gigantic mug) of Red Rose Tea with honey to drink. All part of the paradise of real life, in an old house that needs some fixing, with an awesome view of green trees reaching into a blue sky tinged with peach on the horizon. I know the water isn't far away, although the sand isn't golden and we don't have a "waterfront view". I still know it's there, and that is good. Sometimes I miss being able to see Mt. Rainier every day, and I miss the foothills, and even the cowtown type smells from the town where I grew up. However, I love my home, and I am thankful for this little bit of paradise, including the blackberry thorns and the bathroom that's torn apart and waiting for a fix. It's all part of a full, blessed life.

Where is your paradise?


Karen Lange said...

Lovely:) My paradise? With my husband and family.
Happy Mother's Day!

Tyrean Martinson said...

Happy Mother's Day Karen!!!

laurel said...

My paradise is the lovely bit of PA forest plunked right in the midst of our urban neighborhood. I'm so thankful for this lovely compromise God gave my city boy hubby and forest girl me. I can go on hikes at one end of the street or catch a bus or a movie at the other end.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Sounds perfect Laurel! Kind of like where we live - a few miles from the nearest library, grocery store, salt water harbor, and freeway exit, but surrounded by trees, fields, horses, and wildlife.