Monday, May 3, 2010

Just a few more minutes . . .

Have you ever wanted just a few more minutes?

To sleep?

To read?

To write?

To cook?

To laugh?

To play?

To clean your house?

Filled with those kinds of moments, this weekend kept reminding me of how quickly time passes. I wonder if I will ever re-capture the feeling that it moves slowly, like I remember from when I was young(er).

I have this glorious picture in my head of a summer day, laying in unmown grass, staring up at the blue sky through leafy branches, sweaty from running but enjoying the cool tickle of the grass beneath me, glad to have a friend next to me who I could laugh with . . . that moment seemed golden and eternal, and yet it was just a moment.

I hold it inside like a snapshot of perfection. Thankfully I have many snapshots like that stored up in my memory so when I feel like I just want a few more minutes, I know to take a breath and be thankful, take another snapshot in my head and live in the next moment that comes.

Today I finished my Readers' Challenge a few days late at my blog about home school life Keeping Track, and I am preparing to substitute teach a group of kids under 10 at my co-op. We'll be singing scripture songs, and fun Bible songs for an hour. They are such a joy! More moments to capture, and hopefully write about soon.

So, how about you? Are there moments when you want just a few more minutes? And when do they happen?


Karen Lange said...

Yes, I want a lot more of 'a few more minutes'! But I will need to be content with making the most of and redeeming the time. Good post:)

Tyrean Martinson said...

Thanks Karen!