Thursday, July 14, 2011

Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest: Writer's Block

Before I start today's "official" post, I have to say . . . Thank You all for stopping by and reading "Let The Wild Rumpus Begin at the Library". Your comments were encouraging and sweet! Thank you. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, and my earliest hours in a small town library basement where the children's books were kept inspired that poem.

My mom entrusted the children's librarian so much that she would spend an hour in the adult stacks upstairs, and I would spend that same amount of time discovering books on my own downstairs. It was a wonderful arrangement, followed by a discussion of our favorite books. She waited until I was ten to put David Copperfield in my hands . . . but for five years, I just read everything in the children's section, starting with Where the Wild Things Are by Sendak, which I checked out dozens of time each year, along with The Hungry Caterpillar. Those books just spoke to my imagination, and took me on flights of fancy, well after I started reading chapter books. And they still do.

Today's poem is well, about yesterday.

Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest, Day 4, Entry 2

Writer's Block
I could blame it on a busy day
Or I maybe just the month of May
But that would make no sense in July.

Yesterday I went to the dentist,
the Seattle Aquarium, a restaurant,
the library, and a winning softball game.

In the month of May, we were swamped
with the beginning of the end of our
homeschool year, dance year, and . . .

Like I said it makes no sense in July.

I had a headache, my schedule was off,
my tea turned cold before I drank it.
I stubbed my toe, and broke a pen.

I could blame it on a busy day,
a headache in the month of July,
but yesterday I sat and tried.

Two paragraphs, and the words died.

And today, this poem just stinketh,
but I keep writing and thinketh
day after day, word after word,
line after line will push that
writer's block out to sea
and make it sinketh.

Ever Had a Day Like That? And how do you recover from it?

Scripture Blessings:

This scripture just stood out on the page today, and I'm still working it over in my mind and in my prayers.

"Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death." 2 Corinthians 7:10

I like the "leaves no regret" part.

Have a Blessed Writing, and Living Life Fully kind of day!


Summer Ross said...

Broke a pen- oh my! Thanks for posting this. I have had days like this before and when I do I tell myself "tomorrow will be a new day"

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

When I have days like that, I don't even try to make up an excuse. And I nailed the book!

Tyrean Martinson said...

Summer - Thanks! Today is definitely a new day!

Alex - I'm glad to hear that! There are moments when I just seem to have to write through the junk to get to the good stuff.

Pam said...

When I don't know what to write, I take a field trip--I visit with a friend, check out a new store or restaurant, take a walk at a local cemetery or state park, or browse the aisles at a bookstore or library. Hope it helps!
Pam at

M Pax said...

Have had many days like that. They must be part of the process. Yeah. That's it.

Angie said...

Good poem. I know just how that feels!

The Golden Eagle said...

I usually ignore what I'm working on for a day and do something that takes a lot of brainpower. It'll stop me from stewing over problems I don't have answers for. :P

Christine Tyler said...

I love the Seattle Aquarium! It is a little ghetto though, isn't it :D
Nice to be done with homeschool--I've certainly been there.

Misha said...

I love your poem! It reminds me of me. It sounds as if you based your poem on my experience, except that I've never been to Seattle. ;-)

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

Of course we've all had days like that. Days that we felt that we fed our inner muses and yet, all they wanna do is sleep.
You make me laugh. I'm glad you decided to join up for the blogfest. It's been fun :D

Tyrean Martinson said...

Pam - I love field trips! Great idea! In fact, just took one to see HP! Wait, that was a planned family event/field trip.

Angie - Thanks!

Golden Eagle - I do that too! As long as we get back to it, I think it works!

Christine - We actually like the Pt. Defiance Zoo and Aquarium better - a little bit of both worlds in one place. But the octopus at the Seattle Aquarium is cool.

Misha - Thanks!!!

Shelly - Glad to hear that I'm not the ony one, and I'm glad I made you laugh. Thanks for hosting this awesome blogfest! It has been really fun! :D