Friday, July 27, 2012

Tree Climbing and Novel Writing

My daughter is up in a tree. She can't figure out how to get past this one spot. She refuses to back down, and thinks through the problem, determined to go up and up until she reaches her goal.

I'm high up in word count, revision status, etc. I can't seem to get past this one spot. I refuse to go back, because I've done it too many times before. I think through the problem, determined to go up and up until I've reached my goal.

After my daughter can see over the roof of our house, and she climbs high enough to see Puget Sound (actually on of the bays), she asks if I can see her waving at me. I see a golden halo of her blonde hair against the branches of the tree and a flicker of movement. She starts to carefully climb down.

I'm nearing the end of my 100 Days of Revision. I'm not as far as I want to be. I have to get past through the last through rough branches in my story so I can see the horizon line at the end. Afterwards, I plan to ask for some editorial help for that careful climb down through the last bits of story.

My daughter is exhilerated from her tree climbing, and I hope I'll feel that way soon about my writing. At the moment, I've got tree sap and bits of bark clinging to my clothes, and I'm fighting a tangle of branches.

Ever climbed a tree and gotten stuck? Been in a sticky place in your story?
Do you refuse to back down or keep climbing?

Oh, and I'll only be around this morning early and maybe late tonight - it's my tree climbing daughter's birthday today. She's 11 and full of adventure.