Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shh! It's a Secret Blog Hop

Shh! It's a Secret! blog hop is hosted by Angela Felsted to help celebrate the relase of Poetry Pact 1.

Poetry Pact 1 is the result of a group of poets making a pact to write poetry every day, or every month, as they were able for a year. Here is the awesome list of contributors:
Angela Felsted (Author), Jessica Bell (Author), Jim Murdoch (Author), Laurel Garver (Author), Lydia Kang (Author), Madeline Sharples (Author), Richard Merrill (Author), Kerala Varma (Author), Glynis Smy (Author), Alaine Benard (Author), Artemis Grey (Author), Roslyn Ross (Author), Angie Ledbetter (Author), Caleb Mannan (Author), Emily Kruse (Author), February Grace (Author), Janice Marie Phelps (Author), J.R. McRae

All proceeds from the anthology will be donated to Direct Relief International, a charity which provides humanitarian aid all over the world. 

Each entry for the blog hop is supposed to showcase a secret pact, a close friend, or a close knit group that has helped through hard times. The blog hop runs from June 27th through June 29th.

I signed up, excited to support his group of amazing poets, and then realized I might not have a story to tell. Really. I don't keep secrets well. Ask anyone in my family, especially the weeks before Christmas. I can't be asked directly about specific present shopping because I will inadverntantly tell all without meaning to and thereby totally ruin the surprise of Christmas morning.

Then I thought about the second part . . . a close friend, or tight knit group that has helped me through hard times. . . hmm, I've got some great friends, close family members, and definitely had a few hard times.

I just went into a details about a few hard times a little while ago though, so I've decided to keep it a little light. I hope that's ok.

Who have I relied on the most, in all of my hard times? Jesus, my Savior.

What earthy guy have I leaned on more times than I can count? My hubby.

Who reads nearly everything I write? My mom and dad.

Who hears about all my writing ups and downs, encouraging me with great expecations? My hubby.

Years and years ago (like in the dark ages), when I was taking university classes, my parents didn't want me to major in creative writing. They wanted me to focus on the practical aspects of life. I went into teaching (English). However, they've read and applauded all of my writing that I've given them to read.

My boyfriend back then (now hubs) was always amazed at my writing, and kept telling me that he "knew" I would be successful novelist. (not "thought" but "knew!) He still says that! We've been married nearly 17 years now and I've produced three rough drafts, some published short stories and some published poetry. He still "knows" that I'm going to make it as a novelist. Wow!

An elementary school friend of mine (secretly sworn lifelong sister), has been a huge encouragement for my writing for 30 years. Again, I can't say I've fulfilled all of her expecations, but she keeps cheering me on at every turn.

A close friend I made just in the last five years asked me to recite some of my poetry in the midst of a gathering of friends from church. I nearly fell over in fright, but her excitement about my writing made a huge impact on me, especially since I was having a tough time believing in my writing dream at that very moment (she didn't know that).

So . . . who do you count on in the tough times in writing and life?

Do you have a pact with anyone to finish a writing project or goal?

No, go visit the poets from Poetry Pact 1, check out the blog hop, or go to Amazon and get Poetry Pact 1!