Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It’s that time of month . . .when we examine how insecurity and exhaustion roll over us like waves on a rocky, stubborn shore.

A month ago, I felt truly zestful after the finish of A to Z, and I really didn’t know what to write about for IWSG, except for the fact that I felt encouraged by others and I wanted to go out and encourage more bloggers.

Since then, a rising tide of  blogging insecurities made me want to just bury my head under my laptop, and turn off the internet connection to the world.

My blog is kind of a mess. It’s random. I live on West coast time. I don’t visit other bloggers enough, and when I do, my comments suck. I don’t blog meaningfully enough. I don’t give any amazing advice, or tips for writing, or . . .enough of whatever makes an awesome blog. I’ve been blogging for three years, and I still have yet to master some of the blogging technical basics. What am I thinking, blogging? I started this thing with no research, background, or even knowledge of blog or web platforms, and just started winging it. I still feel like that’s what I do most of the time. My google reader list is totally unorganized and I can barely keep track of posts that I have read, want to read, or blogs that I haven’t visited in far too long. I get too distracted. I’m just not good enough at this blogging thing, I can’t seem to keep up . . .and well, what really makes me feel insecure about blogging is that I just don’t feel like I’m good enough at any of it.
Do you ever feel like that?

And what do you cling to when you feel pounded by a storm of waves?

 Join in on the fun of sharing your deepest, most painful writing insecurities and helping others see past their own. Go to Ninja Captain Alex's latest host post for ISWG here.

BTW - when those waves of insecurities hit me, I just pray, and keep writing anyway.


mshatch said...

It is hard to be organized and stay on top of everything. I make a habit of commenting back to those who have commented 1st, then I look at my blog roll. I also try to only comment if I have something to say and I try to limit how much time I spend blogging so I can get some writing done. And in between all that is work, the big annoyance. But I think I'm getting better at it, slowly!

Joy Ciaffoni said...

I can totally relate to your story. You do a great job though as far as I can tell. Hang in there!

Cassie Mae said...

I feel like that every time I put up a post. I send praises out when there's a bloghop so I have something to say, lol.

But I love reading your posts, dear. You shouldn't be so worried about it :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I don't think your comments are lame! Or your posts. You are very natural in genuine in your posts. That's why I come here. Your blog is a refreshing place of peace and hope.

Susan Roebuck said...

It is so difficult to keep track - I agree. But I do have favorites and yours is one of them, so you're doing it right! :-)

L.G.Smith said...

I don't think there's any formula to writing a successful blog, whatever that is. Mostly I think people come for the personality and just to touch base with other writers. It's always good to just read a post, nod, and say, "Oh, yeah, I've experienced that too."

michelle said...

I'm visiting from the IWSG.
My first time at your place and I enjoyed your post - you've obviously written it from the heart!
I'm your newest follower via Networked Blogs.
Nice to meet you. *waves*

Tara Tyler said...

hey, sunshine! you better stop talking about my friend like that! tyrean is one of the most perky, pumpin up bloggers i know!

and lemme tale you, there are no lame comments =)

Tara Tyler said...

or lemme TELL you, ha!

Mr. Opinion said...

Have you been inside my mind because this is exactly how I feel! I followed a lot of great blogs but I rarely visit them which makes me feel awful. And I'm not the best at advice either... but what I have learned is that I started blogging because I had a voice and I felt like it wasn't being heard. Whenever I'm done with a post I feel good inside because I let out what I had to say.

Tonja said...

I don't think you seem particularly disorganized, not more than anyone else. I think a lot of us do what we can, but our WIPs (and our children and/or our other jobs) need to take a priority.

Tyrean Martinson said...

mshatch - that's what I try to do, but there are days when life just runs away with my time.

Joy - Thanks! I plan to . . .I just opened up one of my more insecure moments.

Cassie - Thanks!!! I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling that way, and I love how you cope with it, by sending out praises. Great attitude.

Alex - Thanks! I just have those moments of total insecurity about the whole thing now and then.

Susan - Wow. Thanks!

L.G. - I agree. I think it's about connecting with people with similar experiences.

Tara - Thanks, friend!

Mr. Opinion - I wish I could feel completely content with my posts after I post them, but there are days when I just don't.

Tonja - Yes, they do, and for good reason. It's just hard to stay connected in both worlds.

Jemi Fraser said...

What I love most about these ISWG posts is that we all get to find out we're not alone! I definitely wing it on my blog too - but it's fun, so I don't mind :)

One day I organized my Google Reader into folders for days of the weeks and a few other groups. That was an absolute life saver. I still don't catch up with everyone, but I'm better! Good luck :)

Brinda said...

Hon, we are all winging it. Blogging seems so easy for some and I empathize because I feel all over the place. I do have a few common themes, but I basically write about things I love or know. I've enjoyed your blog.

Allison said...

Well, I had no clue what I was doing either, and people still seem to follow me, and by the looks of things they are following you too! And for what it's worth, I enjoy your blog and like it when you comment on mine. I agree with Alex, I like your comments because they are genuine and honest.

Allison (Geek Banter)

Tyrean Martinson said...

Jemi - Thanks for the tip. I'm still trying to organize those folders, but I've at least started.

Brinda - Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one winging it.

Allison - Thanks! I really appreciate that.

Everyone - I think I'm going to have to save all these sweet comments for those moments when I hit the rock bottom of insecurity. Thank you!

ali cross said...

Tyrean ~ I think you're doing just fine! Your posts are genuine, and that's what's most important. Oh, and personally, I don't think you need to blog about writing--like the how-to's or whatever. Blog for the READERS. Just be your awesome self--which you already do!

Tyrean Martinson said...

ali - Thanks so much for the encouragement!!!

Karen Lange said...

Who really cares whether or not the Google list is organized. Mine isn't, and somehow, I still manage to get through the day. lol

You've a lot on your plate, and I think you are doing a great job. I am so glad you keep writing anyway, for I often come away from your blog inspired and motivated! Keep writing, girl!

Tyrean Martinson said...

Karen - Thank you Karen!!!

Anonymous said...

Fellow IWSG member here. Glad to meet you!

You're not alone, I definitely feel like my blogger experience is muddled and disorganized and probably ineffective. I've been blogging for a few months and I have no idea what I'm doing right or wrong, or how to increase traffic with all those hosting websites like reddit, stumbleupon, bloglovin, etc etc. I see that stuff on other blogs and I keep telling myself to look into it, but I don't even have the time to make the rounds on all the blogs I follow; I almost feel like I can't handle more traffic because I'd never be able to get back to everyone.

I also agree with what you said about your posts/comments lacking any great advice. Sometimes it's hard to come up with a brilliant post or comment, but I think the important thing is to just speak your mind and write as much as you can.

I'll try to stop by your blog again soon. Have a great weekend!

Clay said...

I do know how you feel - I am terrible at blogging consistently across the blogosphere. But you managed some very helpful comments on my blog so I think you are doing a good job. Winging a blog is more exciting sometimes. Keep it up.