Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tulip and Everlasting

A Tulip and Everlasting

A tulip stands tall amongst
the flowers my mom calls everlasting.
Pink, rounded edges on a straight stem,
and purple tufts branching up and outwards,
show life, fleeting and everlasting,
precious in any form, for any season.
Reminding me of the measure of this world
against the length of everlasting eternity.
Until now, I never knew a flower arrangement
could speak for sanctity, and truth.
When the tulip dies, the everlasting will live.

Wrote this just this morning - and then researched the everlasting flower, and it turns out their are a number of flowers in the family Cyanthillium that are everlasting . . . although usually it means they look alive when they are in their dried form. I still think it's pretty amazing that they look so alive, and are nicknamed everlasting.

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