Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blogging Reflections Continued

Tomorrow will be my official blog-iversary.

Looking through my old posts I can see that I've come a long way . . . in fact, I'm thinking about deleting some of those old posts because they are so embarassingly bad.

Despite all my mishaps and mistakes, I've written a few hundred entries between this blog and two others I started this last year. Two others? Why would anyone need more than one blog?

Well, I decided that I wanted to focus more. Despite my worries about over-focusing and over-editing my work, I still think there are times for focus and editing.

I hope that in the future this blog will mainly be about writing, faith, poetry, reading, and all the stuff that goes into my life as a writer.

So, I separated out my home school blogs and my food intolerance blogs and created two other blogs.

Keeping Track

and Cooking Free

If interested in finding out if I'm actually finishing my Readers' Challenge, that's been the basis of my posts at my home school blog, since most of the books I'm reading are reader-friendly for my kids, or books that we are reading for their lessons.

Possibly, I'm guilty of creating blog litter. However, I'm certainly learning more about writing and more about blogging each day.

So far, my blogging journey has been worthwhile so far.

What about you? Has your blogging journey been helpful to you as a writer? As a person?

Am I the only blogging litterbug? Actually, I know I'm not. If you would like to read more about blog litter, check out Confessions of a blog litter bug at Confident Writing

Tomorrow: come by and pick up a special blog-iversary award!

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Karen Lange said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful milestone:) This stuff called blogging teaches you a lot, doesn't it?
Have a blessed weekend,