Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reader's Challenge - Making it my own

A week ago I came across a reader's challenge: to read 15 books, and write 15 book based blogs in 15 days. It intrigued me, excited, made me want to pile books around me like a blanket and enjoy. (actually books as a blanket would probably be uncomfortable, but I liked the idea)

The reality is, I have a life. I have kids. We home school. They dance, sing in choir, and play with friends. We volunteer at a Cat Rescue. I teach Sunday School. This week they had to take a state test to make sure that they're progressing educationally, and I volunteered to proctor the tests for a different age group, had to go to training, not see my kids during the test, etc. I have a wonderful husband who I like to spend time with as much as I can. I have a house to keep from getting unsanitarily messy, laundry to fold, two dogs and a cat who need attention.

In addition to all of that, I love to write.

So, to somehow do a reader's challenge meant that I had to read books that I've already read, or that are really easy for me to read. Or just not sleep, and that's not an option for me.

So, here it is, I'm not going to complete the reader's challenge as it was presented to me. I'm going to review books that I am reading currently for myself, or that my kids are reading with me for home school, or that I've already read, or that are easy, or that I can find time to read. And I'll blog about them.

Maybe when summer comes, I'll have time for a 15 books in 15 days kind of challenge that includes all "big" books, and all completed within the time period. But not now. I have a story to write. Toss that! I have many stories, poems and devotions to write, plus a life to live. I love to read, but my real life is blessedly full.

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