Friday, January 22, 2010

writing time lost

Overwhelmed by a messy house,
not even welcome for a mouse,
we stayed home from the mountain,
and house-cleaning is certain.

Whew! My writing is somewhere below "uninspired" at this moment.

I have yet to open up my story file.

Yesterday I felt energized by a writing challenge from Six Sentences. The editor is asking for submissions of "love" stories.

And crazily, I started another blog this morning, although I only plan to post there once a week. "Words" is about words, and how they shape our lives. Simple enough.

The only problem is that the subject is making me feel hyperactive about the many writing mistakes I'm seeing in this post. I may need to re-read Write to Done's guest post by the Barefoot Geek called "3 Tips for Effortless Writing". And now, real life is calling and my writing time is gone. Hmm.

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