Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hoping for a jump start

Does your writing ever feel like it needs a jump start?

This past weekend, we had an amazing trip with our church youth group up to Mt. Baker and Lutherwood. The experience was awesome, and we loved it. The only downfall (other than less sleep than I like) is that I didn't get any writing done. I had a few opportunities . . . the drive was fairly long, but I didn't put pen to paper once. I had my notebook on my lap, and the last five pages of my current project printed out, but no writing. I just soaked up every experience.

So, today, I feel like I've returned and found my writing hard to start.

It reminds me of walking to my car in the parking lot and realizing that I left my lights on all day, and the battery doesn't have enough juice to get started. I'm thankful I drive a stick shift at times like that. When I can get the car rolling slowly forward, and then pump the clutch until . . . suddenly the car rumbles and shudders to life.

So, I hope that my writing starts like that old stick shift car of mine. I'm trying to get it rolling, and I hope to hear the rumble and shudder of life again soon.

Anyone else have a tough time starting up again after a "vacation" away from writing?

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