Sunday, January 10, 2010

Heroes or Zombies 2: a hero

One hero who chose not to be a zombie, or a sleepwalker, during his time was William Wilberforce. Check out this excerpt from the introduction to the book "Amazing Grace."

"Wilberforce saw much of what the rest of the world could not, including the grotesque injustice of one man treating another as property. He seems to rise up out of nowhere and with the voice of unborn billions - with your voice and mine - shriek to his contemporaries that they are sleepwalking through hell, that they must wake up and must see what he saw and know what he knew - and what you and I know today - that the widespread and institutionalized and unthinkably cruel treatment of millions of human beings is evil and must be stopped as soon as conceivably possible - no matter the cost." - Eric Metaxas

What hell are we sleepwalking through today? What injustice are we blindly putting up with in our lives?

Do we choose to be heroes or zombies?

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