Thursday, February 4, 2010

some days

some days
I want to keep my writing to myself,
huddle over a notebook with a pen,
close my work with a lock,
and hold it inside where I can wonder
over it with hope and joy, and imagination.

some days
I shout it out over the net,
sharing too much, throwing up the words
like they are unwanted confetti,
holding my shoulders back to take
the criticism that comes, and show
that somehow I don't mind.

some days
I write with my kids, and
we draw maps with obstacles
for our characters to cross,
adventures that point us to the
x that marks the spot, the treasure
of story writing and sharing our fun
ideas with each other, curled up on the couch.

some days
I carry my notebook and my laptop
into every room of the house, in the car,
and to church, to all the places I go, and
I write and write, and write, and then
I chase my family around saying, "read, read, read."

some days
my daughters chase me around the house
with their notebooks in hand, asking me to listen
to their work, while I chop vegetables for dinner,
fold the laundry, pile homeschool books up on the table,

sometimes I stop what I'm doing and just listen,
happy that I've somehow taught them the excitement
I feel in writing stories, and poems, and just playing with words.


Karen Lange said...

What a wonderful gift you've given your children - to love words and writing! Blessings for your homeschool journey,

Tyrean Martinson said...

Thanks Karen! I have to say that God's provision has been the sustaining factor for me with homeschooling. Just 3 and 1/2 years ago, my oldest daughter didn't want to learn how to read, hated reading and wouldn't pick up a pencil to write unless coerced with chocolate chips. Then, suddenly, the light bulb went on, she had two friends who were avid readers, and she wanted to read and write. So here we are, enjoying reading and writing, and I feel blessed with gifts from God that are less of my making than His.

Emily Ann Benedict said...

Exactly! There are days when it seems you can take the critics just so long as someone knows you can write and other days when you just want to protect your work from prying eyes.