Monday, February 1, 2010

A penchant for mondegreens

To borrow a few words from's Word of the Day listing, I have to say that I have a definite penchant for mondegreens.

Mondegreens are the cause a great deal of laughter in our household.

One can just imagine what I thought my daughter was saying one day, when she tried to ask me to put a "bun in her hair" before dance class . . . and I was across the house, and mistook the "n" sound for a "t". We've laughed over that one several times.

Then my parents, who are both partially deaf even with hearing aids, regularly add to this hilarity. One day, with six of us riding in a mini-van, we had a hysterical conversation regarding a friend's family name. "Missed Carrot?" "No!"

Someday, maybe all this will make it's way into a story . . . or just become part of the family legends.

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