Wednesday, February 10, 2010


After some thought, some time, some prayer, and a little inspiration, I've made some decisions about my many projects.

For the next month, I'm going to re-focus my efforts on my YA novel, The Crystal Sword, and put my romance novel, True Love's Gifts sit on the back burner. I might still work on it some days, but despite it being only a few days from Valentine's day, I'm feeling more into fantasy adventure than romance.

Romance with my husband - good. Romance on paper - not working currently.

Back to my writing life (trying to focus), I also have plans to write a poem each day, and work specifically on my "Paper Tiger" story. Everything else is being filed for March. "The Paper Tiger" is a new story in my "Dragonfold" world where the main character Azami can bring things to life through her paper-folding gift. If you are interested in reading the original (well, not the rough draft) story of Dragonfold, check out the link under my published titles list.

And as you may have noticed, my reference skills are rusty. I went to school when underlining novels, and putting short stories in quotes was the correct method. Now I can't find the underline button on my blog board, and I think it has changed. I need to buy a new manual of style.

So, have you made any decision lately regarding your writing?
Or have a Manual of Style to recommend?

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Julie Dao said...

You have some really fantastic goals, Tyrean! I love your story titles. I think fantasy adventure is just as good as romance :) And even if you're not feeling it on paper, at least you're feeling it in real life! Decisions about my writing... I've decided that I use too many adverbs and adjectives when I write, especially in my descriptions. I'm going to try to wean myself from that!