Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back for more Blessings? and Published Poem!

These last few weeks I've been blessed by busy-ness, books, endings and beginnings, and some rest.

I missed my blog and facebook painfully on some days. I kept keeping track of blessings throughout each day, wondering which ones I would post about and then realizing that I wasn't posting that day.

I missed my blog buddies.

However, I noticed that I had a little more time on my hands. I enjoyed that too.

I planned to have a plan :-) for my blog when I came back, and it's still formulating in my head.

For now, I can say that I have been blessed by this blog, by my blog buddies, by friends, and family. I have ideas for a blog post schedule, theme, and I have "stuff" I would like to share, but I will continue to work on my "plan" over the next few weeks and just post posts that are unplanned, off the cuff, thoughts of the moment.

Thanks for sticking with me in all this, and if you would like to see my latest published poem, just check out this link:

Octopus Rising at Every Day Poets

I was experimenting with short form tanka poetry, and it still doesn't quite capture the feeling and the moment like I wanted it to . . . even after a dozen revisions. However, I feel blessed to be published, and have those words out there still tantalizing me to write something more . . .

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