Friday, January 4, 2013

Reflections on IWSG, Events, and a Birthday

Reflections on IWSG
Whew! After trying to just fill a small part of the Ninja Captain's shoes, I felt mind-boggled. After helping out with IWSG for just a day (well two), I came to the conclusion that Alex J. Cavanaugh is a mad super genius at blogging. He assigned me just a few blogs to visit for IWSG. I visited around 80, and he visited more than I can imagine in one day. How does he do it? Does he skim? No, that can't be, because his comments all make intelligent sense. My comments started getting weary and short after several blogs . . . sorry if I visited your blog and that was the case.

Another thing I learned from co-hosting IWSG - every blogger I visited is an awesome writer, and every awesome writer has a few insecurities. Many posts blew me away with their raw honesty, or their cleverness, or both. At the end of the day (actually two), I just wanted to stop and say, thanks. Thanks for sharing your ups and downs, and thanks for sharing your funny stories, and your encouragement. And thanks for visiting me, and giving me such support. It means a lot to me.

Beginnings Blogfest L.G. Keltner of Writing Off the Edge is hosting the Beginnings Blogfest on January 9th to celebrate her first year blogaversary! As the title suggests, it's all about beginnings, almost any type of beginning - beginning as a writer, beginning life, or the beginning of a favorite book or story that you would like to post about that day.

My Favorite Martian Blog HopThe Geek Twins are hosting the My Favorite Martian Bloghop on January 14th. Share your favorite martian and why you love them, and make new friends.

 Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting his next blogfest on March 18th. More details coming. Save the date!

There are probably many more events happening, but these are the ones that caught my eye first, and I'll be sticking with these for the moment. I'm trying to cut down my fest time to one or two a month in the next few months while I prep for the release of Champion in the Darkness. Despite my insecurities, I received awesome feedback from my CP, and from some of my family beta readers (who, trust me, can be totally honest about what they don't like), and they keep telling me to go ahead, get it out there. So. . .in the next six weeks I'll be getting all my guest posts figured out, and making final plans for the release day party. I'm still waiting on my cover . . .but I'm hoping to reveal soon.

A Birthday My amazing, super sweet, awesome husband is turning 46 today! We're celebrating with a family lunch with his parents, my parents, our kids, and his sister and her family, and then  we're going to play laser tag! Last night we warmed up our laser tag skills with a round of family nerf wars.

My husband is a multi-talented guy - a supervising electrical engineer by day, but a snowboarding teacher, video editor, tech expert, sound and light guy on the side . . .in addition to being a wonderful huband and great dad.

He's the kind of guy who makes science experiments not only work, but work in an extreme way. My youngest had an electrical car kit with her science lessons last year and he showed her how to upgrade it with a bigger battery and better wheels so it could go twice as fast. I'm also not sure if he or my oldest daughter had more fun with her ballistics class experiments: giant slingshots, potato guns, and carbide cannons have been fired off in our long gravel driveway and into the wooded area around our house more times that I can count this last year.

He's also the kind of guy who likes to hold hands and snuggle, and isn't embarassed about any of that, which makes me really happy.
This photo is from a few years ago . . . can't seem to upload new ones today . . .blogger and I are having a disagreement.

In his honor, I encourage you to go and hug somebody you love today!

So, are you signed up for awesome blogfests, awed by the Ninja's super blog skills, re-energized by IWSG?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And I'm a slow reader as well!
You did an awesome job, Tyrean - I saw your comments everywhere. Thanks so much. And now you understand why I do visit so much. The posts are just amazing.
Ready for the blogfests!
And happy birthday to your husband. Potato guns are powerful. If he upgrades to lasers, I would like two for the front of my car. Thanks!

L.G. Keltner said...

I think Alex has the ability to control the flow of time. How else could he visit so many blogs in one day? Or maybe he's Santa Claus.

Thanks for mentioning my blogfest, and I hope your husband has a great birthday!

E.J. Wesley said...

It was a great IWSG day for sure ... really inspiring stuff everywhere I clicked, and I only try to make it to around 20 each time. (I'm VERY slow because my responses are way too long--my own fault.)

You did a brilliant job assisting the Ninja Captain, and it's good to know his ways are never fully understood. ;-)

Tyrean Martinson said...

Alex - laser guns on the front of your car . . .oh, we all wish we had those. :-) The IWSG posts are amazing. Thanks for stopping by Alex!

L.G. - I think Alex must control the flow of time, that must be it. And thanks!

E.J. - glad I'm not the only one with slow responses - I want to say the right thing and yet I still say just little things most of the time. Thanks for stopping by!

Nickie said...

80 blogs? Sounds like you're part ninja, too.

Good luck polishing up your book. I can't wait to see the cover! If you decide to do a cover reveal, I'd be happy to help host.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your willingness to read so many blogs! I appreciate Alex's commitment and therefore folks like you, to read all these posts.

Happy birthday to your husband. He sounds like a very smart and creative soul.

Sheila Siler said...

I think we all know Alex is not human . . . but he has endeared himself to all of us!

Happy Birthday to your husband and good luck with your release!

nutschell said...

yep, Alex is a mad genius blogger for sure. Happy birthday to your hubby! hope you have something great planned today :)

M Pax said...

He is something. I figure he has to be extremely organized.

Glad you enjoyed cohosting. It is a fun and informative monthly event.

I believe I'm signed up for all of those... thanks for reminding me...

Tonja said...

I bet Alex is a good worker at his normal job if he's that organized - or maybe doesn't work at all because of us. :)

Snowboarding sounds fun!!

Tamara said...

Happy birthday to your husband. He sounds awesome! :)

And thanks for the info. on the upcoming events. I still have to sign up for the Martian blogfest. That sounds like a fun one.

I'm also looking forward to see what Alex is cooking up next--I already have my calendar marked. :)

Brinda said...

I'm convinced that Alex is a speed reading, super-human, clicking mad genius as well. Kudos for you helping him.

Suzanne Furness said...

It was indeed an awesome IWSG this month. Thanks for your part in it I really don't know how anyone gets round so many blogs. Happy Birthday to your husband too.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Thank you for filling Alex's shoes this month! You did a great job, and I know it had to have been a huge amount of work.

Shannon at The Warrior Muse

Trisha said...

I don't know how Alex does it! The mere idea of stepping into even an eighth of one of his shoes is super intimidating to me. ;) Well done on helping out though! 80 is a heck of a lot of blogs!

Happy b'day to your husband!!

Tara Tyler said...

happy happy, hope it was!

alex is unbelievable! dont know how he does it!
you did great too!

Tyrean Martinson said...

wow! so many awesome comments - I'm sorry I didn't keep up that day!