Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Haiku Wednesday

Introduced to Sensational Haiku Wednesday by Tara Tyler, I decided to give it a try this week . . . and it was challenging, but challenging is good, right?
Especially when I've been feeling like my blog and my writing both need something new, a kick of creativity.
So, enough, meandering and stalling  . . . here's my haiku for Sensational Haiku Wednesday. The theme this week is excite(ment).

jumping on tip toes
amber hair flying up
hands outstretched

my daughters dance -
faces shining, taps making
music for the soul

If you would like to check out Sensational Haiku Wednesday go to You Know That Blog and find out more! Next week's Wednesday theme is battle . . . hmm.

So, what do you do to jump start your creativity?


  1. A nice duo! Brought back memories of dance class!

  2. Nice!
    I jam on my guitar. It's been fun lately as I've been practicing with some friends from church. We're not good, but we have fun.

  3. Your poem totally brought me back to all the years of dance competitions my daughter did and how much she loved it!

  4. 'dancing haiku ~ I meditate and walk ~ journal ~ thanks, namaste, Carol linkedw/SHW

  5. Karen - Thanks!!!

    Alex - Thanks! Glad to hear you've had some time to jam with friends!

    Ria - Glad to hear it brought back good memories. Thanks!

    ArtMuseDog and Carol - Peace! I like journaling too, and once I was a walker . . .

  6. Sepia glimpses of childhood happiness ! :)

  7. Your dancing daughters are appropriate subjects for this lovely vignette!

    Fevered Excitement

  8. P.S. Thank you SO MUCH for not using word verification. It is a pain!

  9. Nice job --- thank you for sharing with us! :)

  10. This is precious! Loved it. :) Especially "amber hair" and "music for the soul."

  11. sweet! so glad you did! and watching daughters dance is exciting!

  12. There is definitely excitement in this! Enjoyed it so much.

  13. Bruce - Thanks!

    Magical Mystical Teacher - Thank you!

    beccagivens - Thanks for stopping by!

    rosemarymint - Thank you!

    Tara - Thanks!

    newviewfromhere - Thank you, glad you liked it!

  14. I can picture the dance and the excitement of performing. Very nice haiku.


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