Friday, February 17, 2012

Snow Day Poem

Swiftly we drive to the snow that is fresh

Playing in powder is by far the best

We love the black mountains covered in white

Trees covered in crystals glittering bright

Skis, poles, snowboards, boots, bindings all packed

Extra gloves, warm clothes, waterproof jackets wrapped

Around us, with just our noses burning cold

We’re ready for a fun day to unfold

First we climb from car to lodge to the lift

Our feet dangling high above the snow drift

Finally, we slide, turn, ride, spin, jump, skim

From late morning bright to dark skies that dim

Until muscles ache, gloves are damp, breath white

We drive home, heater on, under starry night.

-By Tyrean Martinson
Inspired by a poem at the Northwest Weather and Avalanche center, that was surprisingly part of their forecast today, I decided to write a little poetry for our snow day.  Check out the cool weather forecast poem at NW Weather and Avalanche Poem Forecast
We had a great day today, and brought a friend with us. Unfortunately we were having so much fun that I decided to be a little careless going down a much used and familiar side trail this morning and I tripped on an exposed tree root/branch sticking out of the snow. Tripping on skis isn't fun, so I landed ribs first, then face . . . and twisted my knee a little. Of course, after catching my breath, I got up and skied on until by 6p.m. I knew that I probably should call it a day and then call my chiropractor.
My youngest daughter took two hard falls today, one -  skis popped off (good bindings do this to protect skiers from breaking their legs), and supergirl flight to a hard rib first finish. Two - in the evening, she decided to take a side trail (unannounced to the rest of us) that was unfamiliar and new to her, and she found out that it ended in a two foot drop that she wasn't prepared for, and included going through some tiny trees. Again, her skis popped off, and she flew, but hit nose first. She broke some cartilage in her nose, and learned that there is a reason we want to check a new trail before we fly down it at full speed. And like me, she got up, put her skis back on and skied on . . .for three more runs until we all decided we were too tired to keep going. (I'm just very thankful that she learned her lesson in a relatively easy way . . . a guy I went to high school with learned that same lesson with two broken legs) At least I'm hoping she learned to look before leaping next time . . . she is our family daredevil on skis and has been skiing black diamonds since age 4 and a half. We sometimes consider signing her up for ski racing, but we aren't sure we want to encourage her to go any faster. (She's the one picture in the red pants, and yes, we all wear helmets)

So, do you look or leap first?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Lovely poem, Tyrean. I've never been snow skiing, but I'm extra cautious in everything I do, so yes, I do look before I leap.
Glad none of you were hurt bad.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Alex - Thanks! I'm glad too!