Monday, January 23, 2012

Called for . . .

When we hear the phone ring, we know that someone is calling for a purpose, whether that purpose is friendly conversation or a sales call, there is purpose in every call.
What does it mean to be “called” by the Lord?

Does it mean giving up our whole lives for our faith?

And what does that look like?

At worship yesterday our Pastor had me on the edge of my seat, sitting straight up, listening intently. His subject: the call. We studied Jonah 3:1-5 and 10 wherein Jonah is called a second time, and fulfills his ministry, and Mark 1:14-20 wherein Jesus calls his disciples and says, "follow me." The disciples leave everything to follow Jesus.

Is this what being called looks like every time?

Well, Samuel was called while living in the temple to serve in the temple his whole life.

Lydia, the purple cloth seller, was called to open her home for a new church.

Jesus calls each of us in unique ways.

A friend of mine has been called to Swaziland to teach while her husband builds, digs wells and helps with sanitation and irrigation. Their four kids will learn and serve alongside them. They've sold 90% of their possessions, and they've given up "life as we know it" in America for a 24/7 mission field.

I've been called to sing, to teach, to write, and to speak (occasionally), and to listen.

Beyond his "real" job, my husband has been called to help people with their cars, computers, household repairs, snowboard lessons, youth mentorship, and his favorite area: church tech.

A year ago, my family and I felt called (and pushed) out of our comfort zone to start a new church with a whole bunch of other people who felt called at the same time.

When we follow Christ, we give him our lives and sometimes that means staying where we are, and sometimes that means leaving everything behind. We need to listen to his call, and keep listening. Jesus wants us to follow him, with our whole lives.

How has he called you?

For a moment of light-heartedness about call, check out this video about tech gurus, who plan to rest when they are "with Jesus in heaven."


Emily R. King said...

I was called to give a talk in church yesterday on top of my monthly lesson. It felt like The Emily Show. I was a great opportunity, but I was relieved when it was over. : )

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've been called to step up and do more things in our church. It's definitely outside my comfort zone, but we can't tell God no, can we?

Tyrean Martinson said...

Emily - I know how that feels . . .called, equipped, and then relieved. :-)

Alex - exactly.

Karen Lange said...

Good question! This is something I have been pondering for the new year.

Pam said...

As a pastor's wife, one's "call" is a very familiar subject. I like how you broaden our stereotypical thinking and help us understand that God can "call" us to many types of ministry--including blogging! :D

Tyrean Martinson said...

Karen - Blessings, Karen!

Pam - Glad you liked it. Blessings!