Wednesday, February 7, 2018

#TheIWSG, Project Updates, and Instagram for #TheIWSG

Many thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh, all of the admins, and all of the co-hosts this month:

The Insecure Writer's Support Group is a safe place to share insecurities and encourage one another.

Optional IWSG Question: 
What do you love about the genre you write in most often?
I love that speculative fiction, fantasy, and scifi give me plenty of room to explore possibilities, and also give me a new backdrop in which to explore every day dilemmas with magical items, blasters, mythical creatures, aliens, and special powers. 
If we could revisit our old school days with a super-power and an alien best friend, would it be the same? What if we could bring a unicorn or Medusa to work? 

Project Updates
Even though I love writing stories I think I can share with others, I'm also drawn to writing some odd, experimental fiction which breaks many of the "rules" of writing.

Ashes Burn is one of my hard-to-market projects. It is a fantasy hint fiction series following the lives of three characters. Wend is on the run from his fiery past, Teresa is searching for her love, and Bryant is planning to scorch his way from King to Emperor. 
It might be marketable, if I hadn't been a stickler about writing every "episode/chapter" in hint fiction format - all episodes are less than 30 words. And, I like it that way. (Yes, I can be stubborn about my odd projects.) The only way I would ever change it would be to make it into a manga/comic series ... but I can't draw or even afford to hire someone to draw the panels for me. 

Ashes Burn, Season 7 is  releasing at the website over the next few months and I'll be compiling all of the seasons into a omnibus e-book for release in June. 
Will anyone buy it?
I really don't know, and somehow, I'm okay with that.

The Greenling Chronicles Book One is still under revision, but I have more hope for the whole series in its current messy state than I did a month ago when it looked prettier from the outside. It might even end up as a marketable project.

Journaling - This isn't really a "project" that I'll ever publish, but I have been writing sporadically in my journal this year - sermon notes, lists of things to do, ideas, story starts, and some poetry. It keeps me going on busy days and fills my creative well on other days when I'm feeling dusty-dry. 

Report on Six Impossible Ideas Before Breakfast 2018 Guiding Goal (the goal that made no sense to anyone but me). This really includes - writing projects, exercise, the mostly-keto diet that I'm on (prescribed by doctors), prayer, job+school ideas, and giving myself room for creativity. It's going well - mostly. Details may come in a later post.

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What do you love about your genre? Do you have any project, goal, or resolution updates? Joining Instagram?