Friday, July 28, 2017

Do You Have Goals?

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July Goals Report
1. Finish Eclipse: Greenling Chronicles Book 1. NO. But I did make some progress.

2. Continue marketing efforts with hootsuite. YES!

3. Make some social media changes. (Will report more fully next month.) Reporting more in September.

4. Keep house clean, more yardwork (as physically able). Tiny amounts.

5. Scrapbook/photo project. Umm

6. Encourage family and friends. Hmm. Maybe.

7. Practice Storytelling. Yes!

8. Write all ideas down for school prep in the fall, but no major work allowed on this. (15 per day, tops) Well, I think I did this three days only.

9. Get outside! Yes!

10. Walk, hike, bike, kayak? More exercise and fewer carbs. Walked several times, Biked (3 miles total) and kayaked twice. Too many carbs.
11. Continue super short writing prompt posts. Yes!

12. Continued Bible Study and reading Cling to God. Yes!

August Goals
1. Finish Eclipse or get within 10% of finish line.

2. Cheer daughters and their team at Nationals in Clermont, Florida.

3. Marketing via hootsuite.

4. Scrapbook project.

5. Encourage others.

6. Practice Storytelling.

7. Prep for school year (exciting news on this at the bottom of the post).

8. Get outside, walk, bike, kayak. (Fewer carbs, again)

9. Continue Bible study and reading Cling to God.

10. House and yard - as much as I'm able to do so. 

11. Try not to bawl my eyes out for the entire return trip after helping my oldest daughter move in at Montana State University.

News: I am returning to teach at a homeschool cooperative by request from the board, parents, and students. :) 
And, I'll be teaching a continuing education class through the continuing education program at Tacoma Community College (this is a non-credit class) - Flash Fiction 101.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Three days and an apocalypse later ... #writing #publication

Mostly joking about the title up there. Life has been roller-coastering, per usual, but I'm healthier these days so that's good.

I had a publication three days ago at The Drabble and I just realized it.

Check out: "Post-Apocalyptic Gardener" for a fast, free read. Votes are greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

#IWSG July 2017

Started by Alex J. Cavanaugh, this sweet hop has encouraged me many times over 
and I'm thankful for it!

IWSG News!

IWSG July Optional Question: What is one valuable lesson you've learned since you started writing?
There are many things, but to tie in with last month's question my answer is going to rely on three famous movie quotes.

"Never Give Up!
Never Surrender!"

"Do or Do Not. There is no Try."

"Just Keep Swimming."

Writing is its own reward. Just writing, just continuing to write, refusing to give up when things get hard, and writing beyond the "try" stage are all part of the continuance of the dream that gets real when the pen hits the paper or the fingers hit the keyboard.

On a separate note, my insecurity this month (other than the usual ups and downs of writing) is that I seem to have lost my ability to post pictures on my blog, which is frustrating, and I am having a bit of a mild stalker issue as well as repeated notifications that someone is trying to hack the account on another social media platform (okay, not sure it's stalking, but it's odd behavior, so I am changing some things in my social media practices). So, basically, even after eight years of using various forms of social media, I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing. However, I'm going to just keep swimming - maybe in a different stretch of the ocean or with a few different strokes - from forward crawl to breastroke - but I'm going to keep going. I'll keep everyone notified of any changes here ... probably next month or September. 

BTW - I had a super short publication on July 3rd at A Story in 100 Words. "At the Lake" is ... I guess angsty romance? Does that mean I write romance now? I don't know. It's something different for me, anyway.

Happy 4th of July and Independence Day!!!

Monday, July 3, 2017


July 3rd is a day we'll never forget because that's the day we ...

Or ...

Under the boom and glow of fireworks, we ...

Happy Independence Day!

(What does it mean to be independent as a nation, an individual, or ...?)